This just in - Hamilton is getting a dome for IWS2 new spons

It was sooooooo not a good zing and several of the comments on here (most especially the dump comment) are WAY more clever than what you came up with, son.

It must have been you keep responding to this thread so it has apparently gotten under your skin. Good zings do that ..kinda sucks when it is against your team doesn't it

Yes be kind to the Argo fans, let's face it they might not be around much longer

Careful Mikem … that would hurt Hamilton too no one would buy tickets to the labour day game

Didn't get under my skin at all. I found it funny in a 10 year old sort of way that you would take the time to create that because you thought it was funny. I bet you were patting yourself on the back for that :lol:

Darn and i was shooting for 8 year oldish … guess i’m just a little more mature than i thought …

I stand corrected. That wasn't a picture of the Rogers Centre. This is. Even got the name right up there on the marquis.

Inspecting the seating at IWS before the big game

Epic Fail (again) :lol:

Here ya go banshee .. now you can find your seat

Again. Colours. I'm seeing double blue there.

Yup. Epic fail.

8) I notice that your picture of the "tidy cat litterbox stadium" is featured in the colour blue.
  That specific colour sure represents losing teams for sure.....Argos,  Leafs,  and Blue Jays, all bound together in one !! <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

And, if I may finish the story Tipper, the cat visited the house of the blue team, crapped on them and then went home to rest and feed so that it may return to the house of the blue team to continue the loved tradition of dumping on them.

And everyone in the fine community of Hamilton lived happily ever after. Unlike those in the house of the blue team who felt very much dumped on...

I had to laugh at this. Clever :lol:
But at least the ticats have their own stadium.
Argos want labour day in Toronto, better check in with the jays first :stuck_out_tongue: