This just in - Hamilton is getting a dome for IWS2 new spons

Thats right you heard it here first Hamilton has a new home for it's kitty cats ...

CFL teams will tremble in fear when they face off against the Cats at Hamiltons Tidy Cat Stadium aka The Litterbox

Should be alot of sellouts .... good for the league .. HAHAHAHA

GOOOOOOOOO ARGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You seriously decided to make this gem your first post? How long did it take you to think that one up?

45 seconds

It shows

this is what the whole team will doing after the loss on Saturday!

A new stadium that will be full every game, or an empty concrete foundation that only gets over 20k+ when the Cats show up!

This empty mess, will be full and loud with Black & Gold on Saturday!!

At least for 1 game the ti-cat fans won't get slivers up their butts ... hahahahaha

It's all in fun :wink:

For all the Toronto Bashing coming out of this forum you'd think you could take some back :wink: all just good fun .. a good poke back at y'all

that's a good comeback actually.. I smirked at that one. :slight_smile:

Either way, us TiCat fans will be at the game to save the Argos from going bankrupt this week.
Next week, you're on your own. :wink:

It's not bashing. It's just plain honesty and logic. My parents were good and loving parents who raised me the right way and taught me all about the greatness of the Ticats and the horror of the blue team. I've heard tell that some abusive parents actually teach their kids to cheer for the blue team. I shudder at the thought. :lol:

What a stupid thread!


Want to bet , the OP is a Rider fan


Better than most of the other stupid threads.
At least this one's not trashing anyone.

Now...come on ...let's be kind to the Argo troll..after all he needs to have some fun here..since he aint gettin much at the Sky dome!!!!

HAHAHA Zing!!!!!!!

Hahahaha. I must admit that was funny.

Welcome to the forum. I don’t mind that you’re an Arblow fan. You’re not alone. There’s at least 5000 more from what I can see. Now if you could just get a couple of them to come out to a game or two you’d be doing alright. I love that song you referenced by the way, but you messed up the words. It’s goes:

Oh I’d rather be a Tiger than a f#@kin’ Argonaut!!!

Hmm…we really ought to bring some black and gold letters and put the works “Suck” on one of those big Argo logos in the front row of the Rogers Center.

Anyways, I can’t wait to try to fill the Rogers Center with black and gold this Saturday and make it an away game @home for them.

That picture LOOks more like the_ SKY DUMP_

With those colours, I think you’re right. And given that, it looks like that cat has just taken the appropriate action there (speaking of “dump”).

You guys are just jealous i thought of a good zing and don't have anything clever to come back with :lol: