THIS JUST IN!! Danny Maciocia Fired!

yup, the GM of the Eskimos, Maciocia has been fired today. Just happened.

Now, who are they going to bring in to replace him? and will this mean Richie Hall is a goner too?

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I just heard that the President Lalacher (sorry for spelling) had called a meeting on Monday and the team had decided WEDNESDAY to fire him, but they decided not to inform him until Today.

Just found this out, am a bit shocked that it came on the heels of Edmonton’s first win.

BUT this is the right move. One fugly win against a team on a three-game losing streak doesn’t change the fact that Maciocia had to go. On his watch, the team has gone from a perennial contender to a perennial mediocrity, with both lines a mess, little depth team-wide, and little to no quality Canadian content. Drafting has been abysmal and the primary building strategy recently has been to sign other team’s castoffs instead of developing import and non-import talent from within.

I agree, there's been one constant throughout Edmonton's decline into mediocrity and that's been DM. Really gonna miss the camera's following him on the sidelines or in the stands though.

I wonder if Hall had any input in the decision to fire Worman last season, or whether Maciocia just acted on his own, replacing a perfectly good coordinator with his ex-Alouette buddy Strasser. Canning Maciocia but not Hall would seem to give Richie a (tenuous) vote of confidence for the next third of the season, at any rate. Hard to coach when your GM hasn't given you the horses.

Will never forget Dancing Danny's routine from a few years ago before and after Winnipeg's miracle comeback on the last play of the game. :lol:

Damn. I believe this calls for a beer! :smiley:

It's said that winning can hide faults, and I believe that's the case here. We won, yes, but it was against a crap team. This team, and organization, needs an overhaul.

I'm glad this finally happened. We've finally gotten rid of DM. I was beginning to think it'd never happen! lol

Kind of curious that they decided to can him Wednesday, but wait until now to tell him. Guess they didn't want it to affect the team's performance last night.

As for Strasser, I think Hall did have a small hand in that.

I think they wanted to keep the pressure on the team, if they announce DM is gone 2 days before Fridays "Biggest regular season game in franchise history" then maybe everyone takes it easy. The threat of losing your job shouldn't be necessary to get your team to play up to it's highest level though.

Figured the same thing. Why add more drama to an already tense locker room before the team had secured its first win of the season? Better to wait until afterward.

As for Strasser, I think Hall did have a small hand in that.
Rookie mistake by Hall there, especially when it was the defense, not the offense, that was the problem last season. Clearly Hall didn't have the toughness to fire his former boss and mentor Jim Daley.

Agreed on both counts. It has to be DM who carries the can and walks the plank at this point (I love mixing my metaphors, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts).

And while some may miss the visuals, there's always the YouTube record of his deer-in-the-headlights stare after the big Stegall catch! :lol:

I know this goes against the grain for non-Esks fans, but it's in all our interests to see the Edmonton franchise regain some of its former luster. It is never a good thing, in a small league, to see any team decline and struggle, let alone Edmonton, which is arguably the flagship franchise of the CFL. Under Maciocia the Eskimos had become a country club where mediocrity was the order of the day. Hopefully the next GM can bring Edmonton back to its roots.

thought they might. they show machoka on the tv last night and noone was around him at all… lalewhatever (may also be a problem) but he was up in the box, danny on the field all by himself. u could tell.

wonder who replaces him… pretty odd to fire your gm… guess u either promote from with in with an interim gm role to someone like paul jones or whatever or… who is really out there…

mike kelly? LOL… u know, for some reason i dont see that being as much of a longshot as maybe it should be.'ve obviously never lived in Calgary have you?...for the record, we were pretty content with what was happening up highway #2...

...the firing of Danny is a black day for stampeder fans, I shall wear an armband of ebony hue today, for now the eskimos have a hope

The sad thing about this situation is he never should've been promoted to GM in the first place. He had such a bad go as a coach. Won a Grey Cup his first year with a team that wasn't his, and then missed the playoffs the following year for the first time in 34 years. Then missed the playoffs again the following year. He should've been let go after 2007.

I hope this is just the first step of many to rebuilding this organization. I can happily sit through some bad season as long as the Eskimos start building properly.

I think the next move should be to let go of Strasser.

And you have obviously never witnessed your team lose the Grey Cup to the Eskimos, as I have, including a gut-wrenching OT loss for my Als in 05. :wink:

Obviously, it's nice see your own team flourish, but an 0-4 start in a year when they're hosting the Grey Cup is bad for the league.

It's about time. The team has gotten worse every year he's been there. They simply don't have the talent now, and that's entirely on the GM.

Truth is that he should have been gone before this, but better late then never.

Good move. Maybe Eric Tillman will take over in Edmonton.

otoh, maybe we now know why jock climie has been missing from the tsn panel :wink:

What a surprise! :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll have one with you Chief!!!!! FINALLY!!!! :thup:

As long as he doesn't end up with the Alouettes, I'll be happy....since Jim Popp is in his last year of his contract....