This just in about our GM

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Obie is going to be announced tomorrow at a press conference.

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Obie is a great choice.

Plus, the article implies that Taafe will be retained as head coach.

No excuses next year, Charlie.

glad to hear we have obie on board a great cfl man who has been a winner everywhere he has worked in the cfl.

just wondering, did Obie and RL play on the roughriders together?

I don't think so. RL was traded to Saskatchewan before the start of the '63 season. Obie joined Ottawa either before TC or during the season in '63.
Obie really took RL's place with Ottawa as as back-up QB/DB.


Has Obie GM'd a team to the Grey Cup?
I know Mitchell had said that was one thing he wanted, was a guy that had experienced great success as GM.

"The report indicates that, as late as Tuesday morning, O'Billovich was content to stay with the Lions as Player Personnel Director but the Tiger-Cats apparently sweetened the offer (they didn't have a choice)later in the day and lured the 25-year veteran away."

Obviously Obie will be the man, nobody else is available. Good job on this one Mitchell(lol). Let's make an offer he can't refuse for someone who doesn't want to go there. I hope Obie will have full control of football operations and not let Mitchell stick his nose where it doesn't belong. I strongly doubt it. Best of luck Obie in this circus'll need it!

Same as CBC report.

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Who did you want Scott to hire than and who else would you have suggested?