This just has to be said.....Hopson has the easiest job now

When you look around the league right now, turmoil, debate, speculation, insinuation, name-calling and finger pointing are happening everywhere.

Except here.

The team built here by (starting with) Hopson, Tillman, and Miller, oozes nothing but support for one another, respect and ZERO controversies. Our BIGGEST problems are the ones that can’t be avoided. Injuries. And you can’t point fingers at anyone for that. And, apparently, the injuries don’t matter when you are sustaining 8-2.

I didn’t know what to think of Miller at the start, but his philosophy of team building looks to mirror Kent’s. For that, we need to be thankful.

But ask yourself this, who has the easiest job right now on our team? I say Hopson. His heavy lifting was done when he brought in Tillman. Revenues are great, and I would suspect his toughest decisions would be to have one lump or two of sugar in his morning coffee. Which is the greatest thing to hope for in a guy in Hopson’s position. When it isn’t necessary to stick your nose in your GM’s business, things are looking good.

After looking around the league the past few days and lurking in other forums, I’m mighty glad to be from Saskatchewan!!!!

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Taman's days were sunshine and roses this time last year. This is professional sports. It doens't take long for things to start going sour and having everyone calling for your head on a platter.

Expectations start to rise, and you can't keep fulfilling them forever. Just look at the way it looked after the Riders lost 2 in a row a month ago.

But you are right ... all is well in Riderville.

For now .....

wow......I WAS feeling pretty positive..... :smiley:

Expectations rising? You mean the Bombers would have been happy going 2-8 last year?

Along with that, Rider fans always believe the team sucks after 1 loss, because some overreact. I'm proud to say that I am not with that crowd.

Yes at one time we were all naysayers...pushing pins into Shivers Dolls...Driving manure trucks...throwing players under the bus...Giddy with glee upon the arrival of the next messiah....

ahhhhhh the life of a Rider Fan!!!