this isn't fun Bob

I seem to recall the catch phrase "isn't this fun" being mentioned alot in the past.

Losing isn't fun anymore.
The honeymoon is over.

I wanna win.

Jamie see ya.
Coach you are next.

We svck.

Can't win a game even with less than minute to go... jeepers creepers...

what would Dork say?

It's not just Borham and Reed.Where do we point the finger this time.The offence who again failed to score a TD?The defence who couldn't stop the pass all night?The coaches who stood by and did nothing?Lets face it the score was close but did we deserve to be in this game?I don't think so.I know we are rebuilding but the team gets worse with each outing instead of showing improvement they are showing how inept they can be.Luckily we don't have to point fingers because collectively it's all bad.

A good game, but frustrating to lose...get rid of Jamie...hate to say it but it's time for him to go!

you put it correct... things are going to get bad around here... Jamie Baressi's offence wasn't that bad at all, compared to what we have seen so far.....where the heck are our wide receivers? where's glad we have all these great players....not being used at all

At least Baressi was handcuffed with a late 30s QB. Paopaos' offence is much worse and boring :thdn: