This is why the riders will never win another cup!!!!

No this is not a bash towards the riders.
This is the truth.Like it or not.
Shivers gets the go ahead for next year.More than likely Barrett will remain as head coach.
Tell me one thing. Have the riders improved in the last 3 years?No they have gotten worse.
Barrett and Shivers have been there for what????5 years,going on six.
This is why the riders don't get better.
They needed to shake things up a little.
Maybe Austin as the new coach, Ritchie G.M.
Would the riders make the decision?NO.
This is when rider fans should be mad.

Since it would cost $400,000 to buy them out, maybe they'll fire them next year.

I'm hoping that it's due to the buyout more than anything else. If they use that money to get a real QB, we might have a chance. And if next year is like the year just past, then there's no need for a buyout, just bye-bye! (2 byes, one each for Shiv and Barrett) The rest of the staff barely deserves the acknowledgement that they're gone.

$400,000 for those 2.Another bad business decision.
Let see $400,000 for those 2 clowns.In the last 5 years no home playoff game.What is the price on that one.Will say $50.00 a ticket.That will be around?To much money!!!!
Think of all the players you could have got with that money.
Printers,Maas, and a whole bunch more.
If I was a rider fan.I would be pi$$ed by now!!!!

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