This is why power rankings mean nothing

TSN has ranked the New England Patriots #1 in its first set of Power Rankings.

The Patriots. Seriously? Hmm, let’s think about this for a moment. Tom Brady missed all of last season because of injury, and his only playing time since then has been pre-season action. Ooh… Teddy Bruschi announced his retirement not too long ago, and Seymour was just traded.

But TSN ranks the Patriots #1… ahead of the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Their reasoning?

Getting Tom Brady back from injury has elevated the New England Patriots, who missed the playoffs last season, into the number one spot, just ahead of last year’s Super Bowl champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Right, my bad. I forgot Tom Brady was the Messiah. Carry on.

Friggin football analysts treat Brady like NBA analysts treat LeBron “Crybaby” James.

If there’s a God, the Patriots will miss the playoffs for a second straight season. Then maybe analysts will stop shoving them down our throats every chance they get. :roll:

I think that the analysis is pretty close to accurate, an 11-5 team with a QB who hadn't started since high school is pretty solid, throw in the best QB in the game and that team becomes an almost lock for 14-2.
The Steelers are a solid team, but in no way should they be number 1. They have no running game whatsoever and Roethlisberger can only do so much with the smurfs he is given. They match up well against most teams, but keep all the games close, however, they are no where near as dominating as the Pats. They rely on getting hot at the right time to get the job done, but since this is week 1 i dont think that you can give them top spot, maybe week 14 when they decide to turn it on.

If you saw the game last night...I think the #1 ranking is well deserved.

Last night was vintage Patriots football. You just get a sense they can just WILL the impossible into reality.

Pittsburgh looked like crap Thursday night.

Patriots are #1 and the Giants don't look too bad either. Maybe a Super Bowl 42 rematch? :rockin: