This Is Why I Think The Refs Blew The Call

Article 6: Ball in Play
The ball shall be considered in play until an official stops the game by sounding the whistle.

The game shall not be stopped because of player injury until the ball is dead.

The referee shall not stop the game to impose a penalty until the ball is dead.

Article 7: Delay of Game
The game shall not be delayed except by permission of the Referee. Any unauthorized delay shall be subject to penalty.

If the Referee finds it necessary to suspend play while a player in the game has equipment repairs, that player shall be required to leave the game for a minimum of three plays.
If the Referee finds it necessary to suspend play while an injured player receives medical attention on the field that player shall be required to leave the game for a minimum of three plays, except when the injury had occurred as a direct result of an infraction for which the opponent was penalized, in which event the Referee may waive the requirement for the player to leave the game.
On a kickoff Team A shall be required to kick the ball within 20 seconds of notification by the Referee that play is to commence.
If a Team B player interferes with the placement of the ball after it has been declared in play by the Referee that team shall be penalized.

Two things could've happened here:

A) The play was whistled down and a delay of game was assessed (as I'm sure the officials didn't "authorize" this whistle, deeming it "unauthorized" and "subject to penalty").


B) The ball remained in play and the TD stood, as scored.

You can't whistle down a play (did they?) then not assess a penalty for the game being delayed without authorization.

And, if the play wasn't whistled down (I don't think it was), then the ball is considered "in play" and the TD should've counted.

Can't have your cake and eat it too.

Bottom line (I've already said this here before): drunks can't whistle down play. Only officials can. Did they or didn't they? If they did, why no penalty for an unauthorized delay of the game? If they didn't, then the ball's considered in play and the TD stands. Lucky it wasn't the game decider. I would've been choked.

I have to get past this...hopefully this will do it.

By allowing play to develop and continue to where Clermont scored, either the officials didn't blow it down (meaning the TD stood), or they did - but didn't do it very effectively (as it continued on until Clermont scored). They should've been more decisive and taken charge and stopped the play or allowed it to continue, resulting in a score for BC. Not stand around, possibly blowing a whistle in confusion and allowing play to (sort of) continue. They needed to take charge of the play. They didn't do that. Whew, I think I'm working it out. Sorry for the repitition.

There clearly should have been a penalty on the play. The ref even said the whistle came from the stands and called for security. And no penalty?!? You know that’s only going to encourage more idiots bringing their whistles trying to change the outcome of the game.

I’d really like to know if they ever caught the moron. My guess is no.

You always get the clowns who wreck it for the rest of us. Even at the Lions game Aug. 4...a couple of huge guys were a few rows in front of us - they stood up the entire game. That wouldn't have been a problem, except their backs were to the field as they scoped out women in the crowd. Dudes, go to the bar, we're trying to watch a game here. Pathetic.

So what if I travel out to Calgary tomorrow night, get end zone seats, and blow a whistle at a critical time when the Als are in the red zone. Penalty to Calgary? Free yards for the Als?

Interesting, this is different but related, in high school in a championship of the city for senior football, we ran a bootleg, our qb faked it to the guy up the middle who got tackled without the ball, the refs blew the whistle but by that time our qb had pitched the ball to a back who was on his way for a td and went into the endzone. No td, man, were we pissed but the ref blew the whistle, the play was over. They actually apologized afterwards but nothing could be done.

Well remember, you would in fact be IN, unless you're an idiot this wouldn't really be a smart move. You'd quickly be pointed out to security by the home fans you've ticked off who would probably be pummelling you at this point - there'd be no anonymity for you. And you'd have to get out of there in one piece if you did just get booted out - maybe a night in jail would be in order. So, you'd risk being ejected from a game you've paid money and travelled quite a distance to see. Hhhmm, brilliant. I'm sure guys would be taking your number on your way out the door too. Remember, you'd be all alone out there -making enemies in an away stadium isn't a great strategy, especially when there's alcohol involved.

But hey, if that's your game plan, whistle away. Your team will probably lose too. I tend to let my players decide our wins. I simply go to cheer them on as they do.

My comment was obviously for the Als fan who wouldn't go to SEE a game, just to wreck it. I know he was making a point, but a bad one at that.

First of all, I was dealing in a hypothetical, which is something the league has to do when deciding on rules. They have to think up every scenario imaginable so that a rule has as few loopholes as possible. And believe me, a rule that would let a visiting team’s fans give the home team a penalty has an awful big loophole.
Secondly, you suggest I would get beat up for doing it if I did… what if I wore Stamps colors. Or neutral colors, and didn’t show my allegiance. Likely…no. But entirely possible, especially when you consider some of the wacko fans the CFL has, and the sale of alcohol at games.
Thirdly, you are making an awful big stink over something that in all my years of watching professional football, I have seen only once, and that was last night.Get over it. If fans at other games decide to start mimicking BB fans, then the league will look into it and come up with something. In my opinion, if you really want to make sure it doesn’t happen, then you heavily fine the home team when it does, without penalizing them on the field. Trust me, CFL teams don’t have large revenues, they will figure out real fast how to stop in in their own stadiums.
Fourthly, I’m glad you are the new judge of all that is good and bad points. Tell me though, what makes a point bad? Is it when it goes against what you are saying? Because quite honestly, I thought it was a great point!

.....I thought the hypothetical point was worth noting as well.....

WRONG.. you don't know your rules.

It's in the referees rule book.

If there is an inadvertent Whistle, either by a Referee or a Fan that causes interruption.

the play is re-run. the down is a do over. There's no penalty.

If a fan in the stands blows a whistle and it causes players to stop playing... On EITHER side...

The play is a do over. no penalties.

get it straight!

So if this is the case and nothing much is done to prevent this from happening again (other than ejection from the game), hypothetically, we can go blow whistles every game, making an impact on their outcomes, right? Why not? Then you could just behave once your team is in the Grey Cup. Don't you think people will be trying this out, now that the precedent's been set and there was no penalty/consequence other than removal from the game? This is a "loophole", don't ya' think? Of course jackasses all over will be practicing this new form of "whistling down" plays. I would, if I was an idiot. As a matter of fact, people of that mentality usually enjoy basking in the glory of game ejection...somehow it fuels their egos as they laugh later about it later. So, if they time it right, just at a very crucial moment late in a game where the opposition is about to score, they'll be the big heroes, right? By NOT doing anything, this sets the standard and opens the door for mimicking/moronic fans....of course it will happen again. Because we've never seen it before, we needed to set the tone so we don't again. That didn't happen.

Away games are a different story...most fans aren't stupid enough to risk getting thrown out of an away game and facing the repercussions of their actions in an away stadium for nothing. That would be a dumb move and I doubt we'd see it much. Do you think people who pay for tickets, THEN spend the travel money, time and effort going to an away game would have that mentality? Not many I'm sure. Most clowns like this perform in their own stadium, not away.

As far as wearing "the colors", you're right. But there's a way to do it that isn't such an "in your face" provocation or pushing too far and it doesn't impact the game like the whistling did. Deciding what happens on the field is a whole different story and just wouldn't sit so well if a game was riding on it. Showing up in the away colors often does invite trouble and harrassment, but is also accepted as part of the game as it doesn't impact it much. Your idea would and I'm sure you'd get a much stronger reaction than simply wearing the opposition's colors.

Just because something's "only happened once", doesn't make it any less significant. What if that was the game decider in a game to make the playoffs...what then? Of course I made a stink about it - I don't think it was fair that my team had a TD discounted, yet did nothing wrong to warrant that. How is that fair?

I AM the judge of what is a good or bad point TO ME. Duh, obviously when something goes against what I'm saying it's a bad point to me, or I'd agree with it. That isn't rocket science either. You've made some VALID points, but I do think they're bad because you haven't addressed the big picture of what would happen IF you did what you're suggesting. You could do what you've suggested, but let's play it out to its entirety - what would the outcome forgot to consider that. Leaving for work soon, so probably won't respond anymore. Have said way too much and I won't change my mind on this one anyways. The Lions were duped. It's just fortunate that they were good enough to not have it matter.

(FTR - I am "over it", but that doesn't mean I can't voice my displeasure over the handling of it. And, just as I decide what are good and bad points to me, I decide when I get over something, not you. Cheers.)

Get over it already will ya?

If you're "over it", then you wouldn't still be ranting.....

Since there is a penalty for noise from the stands, their should be a penalty for this kind of thing IMO

The penalty is for electronic noise. Noise that is played thought the speakers not from them fans

hm, well, I still think in this case their should have been a penalty.

either that, or outlaw whistles at games from now on, but that's kinda stupid.

So you're telling me you've read the "referee's rules"? Or perhaps you have a copy? See, I'm one of those people who doesn't just believe something because someone says it - I need proof first, then I decide what I believe. You haven't PROVEN that there is a rule stating this. Rule #?? What was your exact source? Or do you just THINK that's what they say?

If I don't know my rules, then the CFL doesn't know theirs..because these were copy/pasted right from them.

Believe me, this isn't something I'm dwelling over - my team won, what do I care now? If that's what the rules say, I'll probably take my whistle for when your team comes to town. It's gonna' make for some long games.

.....just try that you pansy left-wing freakazoid and you'll you'll face the political wrath of the Redneck you'll be wanting to set up a whistle registry so we know where all the whistles are in the country hmmmm?'ll never work because the problem whistles aren't the ones held by law-abiding season-ticket holders, it's the whistles used by gang-members and anarchist zealots in the cheap'll have my whistle when you take it from my cold dead lips.......

You have to fine the person or a lifetime ban from buying tickets at the stadium or something like that.

I don't think the stupid fan will see the effects as badly if they just fine the stadium.

Really messed up situation either way.