This is why americans have good football player

We start in the early years ... dy_in.html

So you think there are no minor football leagues in Canada?

that's not what he's saying.

he's saying that in the USA they start earlier than up here.. and they take it a lot more serious than up here.

wow, they are incredible..

these kids are barely 13 and they are already prepping them!

see that's the big difference from Canada..

at 13, our kids are having fun, playing the game (fair play mode) and in the States, they're prepping their 13yr olds for High School and doing weights and training.


there are infact minor football systems all across Canada, there are devvoted coaches and Players who enter high school with several years of football behind them. To say"THIS IS WHY OUR CANADIANS ARE NOT AS GOOD!" is a load of B.S _ canada,s population produces the same Number of good football players as the Americans do _

Has nothing to do with population can the usa really beat canada in hockey if canada put it best on the ice?Football is is taken more serious here.I mean too the point when you got kids in schools being recruited in the 8th grade.To be honest its a difference.

Mass, consider the source. Peyton Manning could be Canadian, and our friend Sandusky here would still argue that Canada can't produce good athletes.

Believe me, Canada shouldn't adopt the US model. Student-athletes should enjoy the game. In the US, its an obsession schools spent thousands of tax payer money to have winning programs. ITs an obsession down south of the mason-dixon line.

They call football a game for a reason.

The simple fact is there isn't a lot of kids programs and high schools programs that really take football that seriously here. There are pockets no question across the country, but few. It's something to do until hockey starts up. No one here will argue with this I'm sure.

Which is why the CFL needs Americans in the league for it to be taken somewhat seriously as a professional league. IMHO.

good advice Chief :thup: But it is true there are dedicated people involved with minor football in Canada :thup:

Earl we do need some American players to augment the players produced by Canada,s minor,high school, and university/ junior programs , because of our population, we don't produce enough top level players, IT has been that way since the 1930,s why keep pushing it?

when U was in had to be in Grade 9.....
If you had failed a grade you still could not play in grade 8...You had to be in grade 9

my god you can't be serious????

there are 10x the number of quality Football players in the USA than in Canada.

you clearly didn't do any research!

absolutely, the minor football programs in Alberta for the most part are run by parents that usually don't know very much about football. they are all about "fair play" and "every kid has to play" routine.

while the American versions at the same age is like "we need to win!, we want the best players!" and when the Canadian players and American Players head off to High School, the Americans are far ahead of their Canadian counterparts...

because they've been better prepared for the bigger times...

our systems are too concerned about letting everyone play and not worried about teaching them the game. Plus we don't have many coaches who know what they're doing.

and all the better for it.

clearly there are 2 reasons why there are less canadian stars. One being the above, which is just fine. The other being population numbers, which we cant do anything about. So USA produces more players capable of playing at a higher level faster. So What.

Well, yeah... they have 10x our population. That only makes sense. :lol:

IF you had taken some coaching classes you would know that winning is not important before the age of 12 , as much as skill development! You are promoting B.S.

you might not have coaches in your area, but in southern alberta, Many Many of the coaches from peewee to high school are university grads that played football all through university(look at brooks, medicine hat, lethbridge, raymond, cardston, okoatokes, cochrane). and trust me, football is As important if not more then Hockey in those cities.

you call those little villages cities??? :o

beat all the teams from the "big cities"