I wanna see the team play with more passion, pride, respect for the black and gold. I wanna see the team have more emotional leadership throughout the lockeroom. Who is the emotional backbone of this squad? This team is missing that burning desire to win at all costs and sacrifice what it takes to be all you can be. Also I want to see post more videos like these: [url=] ... ed&search=[/url] [url=] ... lip&id=441[/url] :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I wanna see playmaker88 out there taking hits :thup: :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

who is the emotional backbone of this sad-sack team? this team has no guts, no glory, they need to play with passion, play with pride, play for themselves/their families.

so a quote with no reply? you resemble a ti-cats player, a blank stare, i want passion, fire and determination, we need players like junior seau, ray lewis, brian dawkins, players with emotional fire.

I was born in Hamilton and i have seen many good ti-cat teams through the years.Now as i look at this team now ,i see a team that has the players,but no offence.They need a reliable punter.One who they can count on to get them out of trouble.Ron Lancaster is right they need to go back to the basics.This year is more than likely lost.So what they should do is make the best out the rest of the season.Perhaps now that Pao-Pao is gone the offence and the play calling will be better and the offence might score some points.I have never seen such terrible perfomances in a long time.I know that if they dont smarten up they will start losing their fans and they might fold because of what is going on.Mike Morrealle put it right by saying that the ti-cats are the laughing stock of the league and that every one loves to play them because they will lose,lose,lose.

I'm tired of people saying we have talent, we don't. There are at least 20 players on this team who would not be picked up by another team if they were cut today.

There are players on this team who care and have a professional attitude, but for the most part there are many players here who seem to just play to get a paycheck. Those players need to be weeded out and released.

Exactly right!! Too many players who wouldn't get a sniff from other teams if they were released today.

An Argo fan

bump time to sign some emotional passionate players.

As for the vidoes, just ask nicely and there may be a chance the mods will add under armour vidoes like you were asking for.