This is what happens when you celebrate

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Apparently that is a private video that can only be viewed by the uploader's friends.

So in absence of anything worthy in this topic I will post this: :lol:

Oh my god.....I can not tell you how sick I am of that stupid commercial.....good thing they brought it back for a SECOND go 'round.....

oops :oops:
try now

OMG! :lol:

that's about as bad as the american women who losed the gold on the Snowbroad SSX this year on a showboat trick! and even worse, that's a GEORGIA player! :oops:

ro1313 ,

you are really great with the pictures and these kind of things! :thup:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I couldn't stop laughing when that happened. A TD that he gave to the other team as a touchback haha.

I remember back in the 70's when a Montreal DB (The old Green Uniforms) made an intereception, ran it back all the way when the same thing happened around the 5 yard line except the ball didn't go into the end zone, and the team that threw the interception recovered the ball.

The DB's name escapes me, but I want to say it was either Dickie Moore or Dickie Harris.

Papa, can you help me with the name? Old Als fans, do you remember the play or the player?

Must have been Harris
Dickie Moore played for the habs :wink:

Ooops :oops: right city, wrong sport. It might be Dickie Harris.

I remember one where a D-Lineman recovered a fumble and started to do one of those hunched over walk/dance hybrids at about the five yard line, only to have a receiver from the other team knock the ball from his hand at the one. I'll try to find that vid.

Wasn't there a memorable incident in a Super Bore (XXVII, I believe) where a Dallas Cowboy was showboating en route to the end zone, only to have a Buffalo Bill knock the ball into the end zone and out of bounds?

yeah, and it's amazing that the NFL hasn't chaged the rules to the CFL style becase otherwise, that would have been 1st and 1, and not a touchback.

bloody hilarious! I guess that poor Rider boy will have to buy a new jersey.

Heh! Just for you Kanga. I found it pretty funny.

"The Witch King has a sweet tooth":
:lol: funny, but I don't get it. :?

My favourite was Terrell Owens. When he was with the 49ers. He scored in Dallas, then ran to the middle of the field and did his celebration.

Second time, he ran back to the middle of the field and started celebrating once again, only this time a Dallas Cowboy nailed him! :lol: