This IS what Football is!!!!!


What a game.
I am of course dissapointed with the outcome but i was a heck of a game nevertheless
You will never see a superbowls as exciting as a grey cup

words cannot describe how amazing this game was, by far the best game of the year , let alone possibly one of the best games ever CFL or NFL, no matter who won , i was glad such a good year ended like this

What more can you ask than being kept on the edge of your seat the entire game?? Fantastic!!

That was an amazing game! I was cheering on Edmonton but the way Montreal was attacking Ray I honestly didn't think they would be able to pull through.

I feel for you Als fans, though. The outcome was tad heartbreaking I bet.

Better luck next year.

Yes it was.

I dont know what was worst, the 96 yard kickoff return of the 2 point convert.

Well to me is better to lose in the cup than not make it at all.

Yes , but MONTREAL are just so good at losing it!

Hey hello there I saved this after last weeks victory and hopped to used it tonight but it still applies to the Argos

ARGOS are 4 for 4 in GREY CUPS [last 15 years].........I don't need an article to know that.

The ARGOS didn't play in the 2005 GREY CUP , you did , and set a new record!

on of the best games in a long time. congrates eskimos, you made me eat my words for yet another year thank you ver much.
it could have been the beats game ever if the als won.

Not going to get into the CFL NFL bashing party. Don’t know what i would do without both these leagues. I have high blood pressure and that game put me over the edge. Need to refill my prescription. Makes you realized how blessed we are in the North American continent to have such a great sport, that can be played in many different ways. This board shows that football fans are some of the classiest people in the world, not like the soccer goons elsewhere, where the riot win or lose. I didn’t like the result, but can appreciate the Esks refusing to lose. This grey cup is bittersweet win or lose, because the off season takes forever. Can’t wait for next season

some good points there.

Please convince all my friends that the CFL is better.

I hate having to celebrate Thanksgiving in November with 4-down pigskin.

Although, as a consolation, it was 4 downs to go 30 yards (length of the makeshift field).

And I was practically unstoppable as the lone center/guard/tight end/touchdown-scoring-tank

And the kicker.

LOL me.



But it was one hell of a game!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :smiley: