This is what bad Juju looks like

Bomber fans brought bad Juju on their team :lol:


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I am thoroughly enjoying them being terrible. Not a hate-on for Montreal, it's just that every team in this league has to go through troubles and growing pains and the Als haven't had to for faaaaaaaaarrrr too long. Your turn to see how awful it is to watch an inept team for a few years.


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Am I the only one who is enjoying the absolute chaos the Alouettes are having with their quarterbacks over in Ville de Separatist. Grin

RyRy again

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Yep, I'm enjoying this futility of theirs, too. Their inability to scout for the future, post-Calvillo, is absolutely mind boggling. In fairness, I can now understand why they left it so long.....because they completely suck at finding competent players. Bringing in Alex Brink.....really? Brink accomplished nothing here. Dinwiddie as offensive co-ordinator? Who's next? Sammy Garza as receivers coach? Reggie Slack as assistant GM? Stephan LeFors as US talent scout?

Whatever they're smoking in their pipe, I think that i'll pass on it. It's causing some long term brain damage. Grin


Re: Montreal Alouettes
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Popp got no QB and he's swimming in uncharted waters. Huge tarnish on his winning ways when he never prepared his team for the loss of his future Hall of Fame QB and thought a quick fix was in order.

Just pure jealousy plain and simple, mixed in with a bit of unimaginative bigotry ("Ville de Separatist?" That's the best you've got? LOL).

[i]We're in the playoffs and The Blue Bummers season is finished. Suck it up Bomberinos!

But, if O'Shea does what is right and fires Marcel Bellefool, and gets a good OC, Winnypeg will probably have a much better team than us in 2015, NOW THAT ELMER FUDD HIGGINS WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/i]

No Carter, no Green...I guess Popp will have to save his and the owners bacon again.

Some bad news from the West guys, our thick Canadian crude which brought us $150 a barrel a while back is now getting $78. The Alberta guys are in despair, as there are already cancellations of proposed exploration in the oil sands. The only thing the Alberta guys are happy about is- this will screw Putin !!!

Been telling people for over a year to start salting away and lower debt. Watch the Real Estate market melt...

No Green? Do you think S.J. will move on? I sure hope not.

Ces commentaires stupides sont ceux d'une minorité de crétins, j'en suis persuadé. D'ailleurs, prétendre que Montréal est une ville de séparatistes montre bien l'amplitude de leur ignorance, si ce n'est de leur bêtise.

Les Alouettes ont une chance de gagner la Coupe Grey et les Bou! Bombers sont éliminés depuis 2 semaines. Quins eux!

All those quotes were posted from ONE page, wild hey. The whole time they struggled while we pointed out problems we pulled for them as fans, yet the minute they put a win streak together the venom came out :wink:

Als in the playoffs after starting 1-7 and more or less the opposite for the Bombers. :wink: