This is UGLY!

This is getting down right ugly.

It's just about half time and I'm starting to get really frustrated!

Our defence can't tackle! A simple thing, probably one of the VERY first things you learn in football. How come our defence can't do it?

I like to stay positive as much as possible but c'mon!

These are pro football players and they can't tackle a player when he runs straight into him!

It's almost like they've just given up.


Totally agree. First thing I was taught was to USE THE BODY not the hands, I guess our secondary missed that class.

Also somebody has to tell Printers that he doesn't have 40 minutes to find an open receiver. Snap it, drop back and throw it.

Like the TSN guys said, "it has been hard to be a ticat fan the last few years" (or something to that effect).

Williams in the second half, I hope.

Are you kidding me???
Its more like snap it, get chased by 2 pass rushers, and either scramble for a run or rush a pass.

We'll see the same thing from richie.

Will they be the first team to allow 60 points in years...???

Their Oline isn't even in the same class as the Lions Dline...Cam't compete.

It gets to the point where it is a pathetic joke. There are few players left on this team that are still laying it on the line every play, kudos to Terry Caulley, your showing a hell of alot of heart.

Did u guys realize BC has a huge advantage we played how many days ago and they played a week ago so our guys are definetly tired

We always have an excuse, it's time to just go out there and win games.

Exactly and we did.

End of discussion.

I think you meant FUGLY