This is turning out to be a most interesting season!

Montreal thumps Hamilton yesterday but the Lions thump Montreal last week. Saskatchewan narrowly beats Winnipeg last week and then gets destroyed by Winnipeg this week. While Calgary is sitting on top of the league with a sterling 9-1 on the season, three of those were won by only a total of 7 points- that's how close those games were. Their record could easily be 6-4.

Though I missed the Saskatchewan/Winnipeg game I was shocked when I heard the final score. What were the Roughies thinking? Wow! And that was against Winnipeg of all teams!

If the Lions can maintain the momentum they have, if they can continue to improve on QB protection, Lions fans may be in for a most memorable second half season.

Next week will be one of the few times I'll be rooting for Calgary when they meet Saskatchewan. A Saskatchewan defeat and a Lions win against Hamilton and it puts B.C. within 2 games of second place in the West. Hmmmmm.... most interesting.

A few weeks ago, this would have been unfathomable, but now it’s looking probable. Then again, with the way the riders have played this season, patterns say that they win their next game (each of their previous losses have been followed up with wins). As long as BC keeps winning, it doesn’t matter what else happens. The home-and-home series against Winnipeg at the start of October should be very interesting…

Most interesting season, indeed. Apart from Calgary, who look as dominant this season as the Als looked last season, there's so much parity across the board that it's hard to predict who'll win any given game. Weirdly, I think the East is going to be a tighter race this year than the West. Montreal leads the division, but only by a game, and all four teams are poised to scratch and claw to determine the final standings down the stretch. In the West, Calgary will pretty much have the West locked down in a few weeks, leaving Sask and (unbelievable just a few weeks ago) BC to fight for second place.

Couldn’t agree with you more with the comparison to Montreal’s season last year. Interestingly Calgary won a total of 10 games all season last year. They’ve already won 9 and they still have 8 games remaining. Wow! They could finish the season with 34 points! I’m not sure what changes they’ve made but whatever they’ve done it’s paying off in a major way. Calgary seems to be unbeatable. But then again…

By the way D&P…what is the latest on my favorite QB Anthony Calvillo? When will he be suiting up?

Re: Calvillo, he is 'supposed' to be ready for the Edmonton game, but that hasn't been confirmed at all. After McPherson's strong showing against Hamilton, Trestman has very little reason to rush Anthony back into the lineup just to play a reeling Esks team at Molson Stadium. This is an ideal time for my Als to start grooming our QB of the future! :cowboy:

Lets face it, the Als could start Tresman at QB and they'd still win against Deadmonton.