This is the Remix: New look Lions' defence has to produce will be previewing the 2021 season, breaking down special teams, defence and offence for all nine teams as they get set to hit the field.

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Pretty much nailed it. I like the DB's & I like Casher & Tavai on the ends. The DT position for me is a huge question mark. They'll need some production there. Looks like a completely different LB crew but if Konar's healthy, Williams lives up to the promise, they should be in good shape.

Can't see my Lions having a great year but I'm hoping these changes start them back in the right direction. It was a little painful(especially for Reilly) to watch them last season

Everyone trying to figure out what happened to Reilly last season. Was it a bad O-line? receivers that couldn't get open? or did Reilly lose it?
They give him a big contract and his signing was supposed to sell tickets.

With 58 sacks in 2019, mostly sure that OLine was the main issue. I'm doubtful that this problem will be resolved with the current Lion's roster.

"Was it a bad O-line?'' Yup, it sure was. Reilly had nowhere near the time he needed to work any magic. Even the best QBs aren't going to look good with no protection

The OL was bad the 1st 11 games but after Angus took over, middle of the pack for the last part of the season. Ryker Matthews helps. I think the OL will be much better this year. The coaching was a bit of a mess. Claybrooks needed more coaches who had experience. They play in Regina & Calgary & host Edmonton to start the season. A good start would go a long way. They play 2 of 3 with the Stamps @ home & both games with the Elks @ home plus have Ottawa twice. So the schedule is set up pretty nice.

Having an ultra predictable pass heavy offence with no real run game is going to put any QB in danger, even with a half-decent O-line.

Improved O-line with Matthews should help but they need offensive play-calling smarts and a ground game.