This is the kind of crap that the CFL doesn't deserve

The NFL is the ONLY country that plays 4 down football in THE WORLD. :lol:


Where ACTUAL COUNTRIES play each other. :lol:

Only would obnouixs Americans say WORLD CHAMPIONS in a sport that only Americans play at a PRO LEVEL.[4 down football] :lol:

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL moved to ESPN which is NOT a national U.S. network. ABC was. :lol:

The NFL has way more ex-felons than the CFL ever had.

So why did CLEVELAND , HOUSTON , L.A. and those NFL other teams move in the first place????????????? :lol:

Great ticket sales? :lol:

You are comparing a country with 31 million people to a country with 330 million people. :lol:

BOY , you must be proud to have a 1 country sport , which no one else cares about in the rest of the world just like the CFL. :lol:

You seem so unsure of your self , if the CFL is so bush then why do you post here? :lol:

Are you worried that the CFL is a far more exciting game than the NFL [NO FUN LEAGUE] is?

I watch FOOTBALL games , NOT the head offices.That is why I watch the CFL , because of the better GREY CUPS and great close games.


I believe the guy is totally insecure about himself!

:thup: :lol: :thup:

You know, I've heard media types on Canadian TV call the NFL "the best football league in the world" as well. So its not just the average joe making these loony comments.

But if nobody else in the world plays American football. If nobody else in the world cares about American football. If nobody else in the world will ever care about American football. If this is the case, this "world championship" claim rings pretty hollow.

Like I'm going to call myself world champion golfer because I beat my freind today at the local course. Sounds crazy, but it has about as much merit as the USA calling their domestic champs "world" champions.

But it seems people up here buy into it. I guess they'll beleive anything that comes from US TV. I say open your eyes.

funny respones, to the guy that says the nfl is a one country sport, well i dont see other countries hyping up the cfl, nobody outside of the prairies, hamilton, and montreal, cares about the cfl. Also to the dude who says i worship the nfl steroid users, explain to me why the cfl has drug program if it considers itself a pro league, how come the cfl doesnt market itself and hold exhibitions games in europe and asia like the nfl. And people say that nobody outside of the USA watches the nfl, then how come the games are always sold out and packed whenever the nfl holds games in asia or europe. Also explain to me how come over 1 billion people watched the superbowl? explain to me why there is nfl merchandise sold all voer the world, yet the only place you can get cfl merchandise is at sport chek and neighbourhood sports shops?

to all those that rip the nfl, explain to me how come the cfl dont get no hype outside of canada?

Only on this message board would a Canadian article bashing the CFL turn into NFL vs. CFL. You guys really need to get a life.

What a load of garbage. There are articles bashing the NFL in the US every day. All leagues have flaws, some more than others. I’ve never seen a bunch of people just because of a few differences discount either league. When it comes down to it there basically the same damn thing.

CFL is not minor league football, last time i checked there are lucrative contracts out there.

NFL (No Fun League) What you don’t like football. Sold out stadium and big sponsorhips contacts don’t lie. It has to be fun for oh, maybe, millions of people each week.

I’am wasting my time with this. Go back to living your sheltered lives.

nfl europe is played in europe, and europeans play american football with american football rules/regulation, ive been to germany, finland, sweden, england japan, korea, and they all have pro leagues there and football is played at the top universities, so it all adds up to the nfl being the top league, the nfl has a strong feeder system with the ncaa, nfl europe, and european semi-pro leagues, so get off me, i brought the facts, i brought the life, i bring it live and in full effect.

[b]when you have university professors ,journalists, news anchors, doctors, and lawyers, and businessmen making more than your highest paid player, then YES it is a minor league.

If it wasnt a minor league, players wouldnt have to work full-time in the offseason.[/b]

That just goes with the US having more influence as a country.

That's the main reason its popular in Canada is because we're always hearing about the US.

I guess you are the only one who cares! To me I have gone to several NFL games and really got bored I would rather watch grass grow! The best part of the games were the cheer leaders. The game is played on a postage stamp field sort of reminds me of back yard football. Heck even arena football is more exciting watching guys get drilled into the boards. So just maybe you will grow up some day and think how dumb you are for liking a sport that is at best boring! But as far as the accomplishments of the NFL who cares! I prefer the CFL brand of football and really I am getting tired of the nfl trolls on this site! Is there no one dumb enough for you to chat with on an NFL forum.

you can buy CFL stuff online, duh! :roll:

does the NFL even have webcast?

A billion people DON'T watch the SUPER BPOWL , but 2 billion saw the world cup of football.REAL FOOTBALL. :thup:

Boy are you ever brain washed by the American media and NFL myth making machine.

The CFL is Canada's second most popular sport and the CFL actually does have a large following in the U.S. :lol:

THE CFL is on 70 millions T.V.s in the U.S. :lol:

How come the NFL stopped coming to TORONTO for EX games?

In JAPAN , companies by those tickets for their employee as a bonus. My wife is from JAPAN.

AMERICANS , PLAY IN THOSE GAMES , not the whole world. :lol:

The reason the NFL field is so little is because Harvaed(location of the first American football game), couldn't afford a regulation field.

We better pay heed to this troll. He sounds like the type where if we give him more flack he'll try to bust a cap in our respective @$$es...

like what-ev-er!

CANADA invented modern N.A. football :thup:

yeah, the NFLE is a non profit develament league for the NFL, it will never become any more serious than that.


What bs! :lol:

im here to chat football, but people always wanna turn this into a nfl vs. cfl battle, i aint soldier, i aint got time for war, im here to talk pure football- hitting, smashmouth football- all day, everyday, from east to west, north to south, highways to sidewalks.

Yeah Bill gates and Donald Trump have more money than all the NFL players, that doesn't make it minor league. I feel like I'am in Northern Ireland watching the Protestants and Catholics go at it. This is complete nonsense.

It's all opinion.

Some people like rock, others like rap, or country. When it comes down to it its all music.

NBA players make far more than NFL and NHL players and both HOCKEY and Basketball have TRUE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! But the NFL does not! :thup: