This is the kind of crap that the CFL doesn't deserve

On today, there's a story titled "CFL's dysfunctional ways simply carry on", and on (as pointed out in another thread), there's one titled "C is for cuckoo". Then the two stories go on to mock the CFL for what's happened over the past few months, such as:

-The Argos going after Flutie and Williams;
-The Riders firing Shivers;
-The TiCats firing Marshall;
-Not all teams are around .500 (ie, some teams are really good and some teams aren't);
-All teams are around .500 (yes, one article complains about it one way, another complains about it the other way);
-Some games were close;
-Toronto's QB's became injured;
-There's no team in Ottawa;
-Tom Wright is leaving after this year;
-The media has been banned from some locker-rooms;
-The Argos fired Kent Austin;
-The "CFL" going "ga-ga" over American stars (never mind that it's the teams, NOT the League, that goes after American stars) and "not learning";
-Shivers being fired after a win;
-Shivers not firing Barrett (to try and save his own skin);
-It being very possible that the second half of the season will be different from the first.

One article says "Getting rid of the Ottawa Renegades hasn't made the CFL any less wacky", "Take a look around; turmoil is rampant", and "Now that's the dysfunctional little CFL family we all know and love"; the other says "Just wondering here, as we do about a dozen times every summer, but doesn't the CFL seem just a trifle bizarre?", "But - which has always been the CFL's favourite word - the league is so untogether in other areas", "On the field so far, the CFL is just as cuckoo as it's ever been", "Even though the manner in which they would have reached it is typically CFL. Bizarrely."

This is brutal. Why does the CFL get mocked over things that happen in EVERY other league (even the invincible NHL and NFL)? Why is it "cuckoo" or "dysfunctional" that there have been a few firings mid-season? Name one league that hasn't had a mid-season firing. If you think there's a lot of parity in the league, how is that a bad thing? If not, then name me one other league that doesn't have some really good teams and some really bad teams. And so on. Every point up there applies to every major sports league. So why does the CFL have to continue putting up with this crap?

I think that they should have hit on the NFL for having one of their teams play in ANOTHER state cuz that teams stadium was wiped out by a Hurricane, that's pretty "dysfunctional", so , acounding to the media last week, playing on a baseball field, which almost every NFL team does. :roll:

Can I get a link to that article?

The article actually seemed to be saying good things about the CFL, although they said it was a weird and wacky league.

you gotta admit the media has a point man, you cant deny it, the cfl is messed up.

How so?

you obviously have no idea what your talking about, the nfl stopped tom benson from moving the siants to los angeles, the nfl used their own money to help renovate the superdome. The NFL held telethons and various charity events for hurricane relief and to donate to the community, the nfl had training camp in hurricane regions like jackson,missippi, and the nfl also held pre-season games in areas hit by the hurricane, and these same areas have never had any nfl events pre-hurricane katrina. Thr NFL has also promised to hold a future superbowl in New Orleans to help rebuild the econonmy and bring civic pride to the region. Did I also mention the various other charities and causes that the nfl has done, so before you rip the nfl about not helping others, do your research first. I dont hear about the cfl helping out the community, the cfl doesn't care about citizens, heck the cfl doesn't even care about their own players, that players have to work second full-time jobs/careers in the offseason.

Sorry, meant to paste it in the original post: … 05&k=14834

How is the CFL messed up? I can deny it … how is it any more messed up than any other league? This is the kind of crap I’m talking about - disrespect that the CFL doesn’t deserve.

allowing horn chen, and not the city of ottawa keeping the name "rough riders" allowing the gliebernman's to become owners ( and don't tell me that the cfl had no choice, because both experiments have failed), the cfl allowing sean millington to leave the broadcast booth to join a frontrunner first place team in 2005, the embarrass himself and tear his achilles, the cfl allowing sherwood schwartz, criminals like bruce mcnall to become owner.

ok, I didn’t know that, but I didn’t say that the NFL wasn’t helping out New Orleans as well (although, if you ask me, they should move the team north to Sheveport since NO is sinking, no kidding, into the gulf).

but nether do you have any idea about the CFL, the Argos help TO agaist crime, and the players have other jobs (LIKE THE NFL PLAYERS DID YEARS AGO! now their all muti million pre maddonas) becase the CFL can’t afford to pay their players the big $.

Is the CFL any more messed up than the NHL or the NFL? :lol:


How about all of the NFL teams that have moved. THE RAIDERS , THE BROWNS , THE RAMS , HOUSTON OILERS , THE CARDNALS . NO TEAM IN L.A. [America's second largest market] :roll:

Calling your self [the NFL] WORLD CHAMPIONS when only 1 country plays 4 down football. :lol:

How about all of the DRUG dealers rapists , drug abusers in the NFL?

Just because many NFL stars and HEISMAN TROPHY winners couldn't cut it in the CFL does make it cool to hold 1 league to one standard but not apply those same standards to every other league. :thdn:

The NFL is very good at hiding their own problems , like the fall of MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL or some half empty stadiums , or how poorly the NFL does in CANADA...ect...

The NFL doesn't say anything negitive about teams , players and even fan club members can't say any negitive things on line at fan web sites.

Are you so insure about the NFL that you have to post here? :lol:
You really must love the CFL :lol:

Why not just go play with your screwed up NFL hero , T.O. and then look in the mirror :thup: :lol:

HELLO .......playwithTO88..... , can you see these points and answer them? :lol:

toronto hasnt stopped any violence, there are still gangs, thugs, and crimes all over toronto, the argos have yet to prevent anything.

One has nothing to do with the other ... the CFL's options were to allow the Gliebs back in, or fold the franchise. So no, they didn't have a choice. As for the rest of the ownership stuff, every league has owners like those. And as for the whole "rough riders" name bit, there's more to it than the CFL "not allowing" them to use it ... that's not up to the CFL, that's up to the franchise. And when a franchise went back to Baltimore, they went with Ravens, not Colts ...

My point is, the same applies to every league. It's time to stop singling out the CFL for negative treatment like this ...

I would take any Canadian city over any American city any day! :lol:

What is your point? :lol: Please try to answer my points because you are really making an ass of yourself. :lol: :roll: :thdn:

at least their trying, and they are trying, or that stuff about them doing so on the main page wouldn't be there.

[b]cleveland, houston, and oakland all got their football teams back, they got sweet hometown deals and money to build new stadiums and renovate practice facilities, tagliabue cut all those cities nice checks and took care of the people nicely , smoothly, and effectively. Also nobody wants a football team in los angeles except for greedy politicians like the terminator, because he would get to have his own luxury suite where can grope more women. Also people in Los Angeles dont need an nfl team, they have former national champions USC Trojans, they fill the l.a. coliseum every saturday night, they have pure hot babes all over the place at the games, hot cheerleaders, best recruiting class, sexy atmosphere, there is no need for the nfl there.

the nfl and superbowl call the winners the world champs, because they are the best in the world, its the top professional league for football in the world, they have most money and can call it whatever they want, plus they got the top athletes and deserve to call themselves world champs and deserve to be cocky.

i dont care about heisman, the nfl doesnt care about the heisman, the nfl doesnt even hype up heisman trophy winners, the 2004 winner jason white didnt even get drafted , the nfl isnt desperate for hype like cfl , the cfl always drools over former heisman winners, yet the nfl just tosses them aside, because the nfl can always get another player that is bigger, stronger, faster, younger.

the nfl has a drug programs and suspends players for any wrongdoing, look at sauerbrun, odell thurman, koren robinson, if you take drugs they will catch you, also the nfl has a personal conduct policy and will fine/ suspend any players found guilty of any criminal wrongdoing, didnt you see that they fined shawn taylor for all the transgressions he caused.

the nfl doesnt have any problems with monday night football, they signed a new billion dollar deal with espn, and got enough money and corporate sponsors. Also the nfl takes their time to find and groom a new commissioner, the nfl have had 5 commissioners since the 1950s, yet the cfl has ahad at least 15, how can the cfl become a great league without stable and reliable leadership at the top?????[/b][/b]

You're right. I know I won't be satisfied until I see the Argos (preferably in full uniform) down on the street bustin' up crime rings, takin' down drug dealers and pimps and giving out parking tickets.

Playmaker88, what are you talking about? The NFL the best football league in the world? Huh? They the ONLY American football league in the world. Like the CFL is the ONLY Canadian football league in the world. So therefore the CFL can make the same claim, right?

But you have got to get over your worship of those people? Don't you see their athletes are steroid cheats? That they get beat with regularity now by the rest of the world in basketball, baseball, golf, tennis etc?

I say quit worshipping those people and support whats up here. Because like the yahoos in the CAnadian media, you're getting sucked in by all the hype. But when you look at facts, it don't add up.

All this world championship BS is just more American hype. Because in real world championships, the Americans are getting their butts beat these days. There as much "world" champions as I am. Get over it.

if you really believe that, then why don't you move back down south like Argo Bills, ya big fat yankee boy!

Sorry guys but this guy is the worst troll ever on this site! Why even feed his needs? The guy is a joke he will refute any argument you come up with! Again how many times do we get morons like this trying to compare the two leagues! :lol:

CAn you believe how naive some people are up here? Too bad they don’t beleive the same things about our institutions, instead of worshipping foreigners.