This Is the Best Day Ever!!!!!!!

After 35 years, the Eskimos have finally missed the playoffs. WOW!!!!! BOOOOOM!!!! Feels so good!!! This is awesome!!!! :thup: 8)

Actually the best day ever will be when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers win the Grey Cup this November. Though I agree that this is also a great day.

I can live with it

Perhaps not the best day ever.
But it is a very, very good day.

R.I.P. City of Mushrooms.

The Eskimos are a 1st class organization, they have a winning tradition that is second to none in North America. 34 straight years of making the playoffs, no other franchise can match it. The streak had to end at some point, but the Eskimos and their fans should be proud of their achievement. It is a record , IMO, that will be untouchable. Congrats to the Edmonton Eskimos and their amazing record of excellence that no one will ever see the likes of again.

I AGREE 100% :thup: The closest active strike now is 15 years of the NHL's RED WINGS making the NHL play offs! :thup:

The CFL's , ALS are second with 13 times! :thup:

love that comedy

Only 30 years to go....

Go Riders!!

The Als' streak is 11 years

Sorry , I thought that is what TSN said.


I believe that TSN did show the Als streak at 13 years. They said that it included the first 2 years that the Baltimore Stallions made the playoffs. I believe all of the Stallions historical stats were transferred to the Als, just like the Jets to Phoenix and the Nordiques to Colorado in the NHL.

I dont believe the stats were transfered because Mtl did not get credit for the GC

the eskimos deserve this, they are a smug, arrogant and annoying organization, maybe they will move forward with the times and clean house. Time to get hugh "older than hugh heffner" campbell outta there, get his son outta there, get rid of that ugly turf, and get some real reliable field turf and move forward into the 21st century. The eskimos aren't even an exiciting team anyways and they dont deserve the playoffs, also get rid of woodcock, he is cocky, he is overrated, he isnt clutch, and cant even handle a simple kickoff.

I agree with you about the turf, though many people on this site will not.

An embarrassing end to a pitiful year.

Very poor effort for most of the year.

They should be ashamed.

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

why would they disagree with me? have you seen that turf, its rock solid, it doesnt even move, it doesnt even resemble grass, and its supposed to be REAL GRASS!!!, its garbage, their sprinkler/water system doesnt work properly, and it gets very slick when it rains, if the eskimos wanna be taken seriously they need some new school stuff, get some field turf, get a proper system, get some jumbotrons, take out that running track, and bring the seats closer to the field.

Let the Bells ring out and the banners Fly!!!

This is the best thing thats happened in the CFL for 34 years..lets hope Edm starts a new string of 34 consecutive years NOT making the playoffs.

Oh and 1 Last Parting shot at EE and all his Moronic Posts.

LOOKS good on ya!!!! LOSER...

Well, if the natural grass at Commonwealth is not natural grass, then what, pray tell, is it? I always thought the grass looked like grass. But, that's just me.

Embarrassing end? That loss was no different than the other 9 losses of the season. Lots of mistakes, a comedy of errors. How do you think the Esks ended up in last place? By executing each play to perfection?

There's a difference between effort and execution.

Sorry loser. I'm not parting! I'll be here to throw it in your face when your sad hillbilly Riders play cannon fodder in the playoffs.


I know you're a little slow, but, as bad the Esks were this year the Riders still couldn't beat them! LOL