This is the Alouettes Grey Cup to lose...

I think that this is Montreal's year. The stars are aligning for a Montreal Grey Cup victory. No disrespect to BC or the Stamps, but honestly it won't matter because the Als' offense is firing on all cylinders right now. It's their cup to lose.

Ehh… I said it was Calgary’s Grey Cuo to lose, and I still believe that. I think Calgary is the better team. But it should make for a great game if they meet!

Calgary can't afford to play a first half like that against the AL's or it will be over soon. But, the Stamps did something they haven't done in previous years, their D stepped up big time and gave Burris and co. valuable time to regroup.

I think the Stamps have gotten their playoff jitters out and WILL look much sharper against the AL's

I think that karma will play a role here. Calvillo, Cahoon, and co. want to shed their reputation as Grey Cup chokers. You can bet that Calvillo and Cahoon will want this bad seeing as they are both in the twilight of their career. Montreal HAS to win this one. It''s their game to lose!

The 1st place team from the east VS the 1st place team from the west
Should be a great game


Yes a great match up for a number of reasons, not the least being the two best teams.
Having said that, the Als are a team of destiny and should win.

I think they were a little rusty in the first half, having not played for two weeks. They should come out strong next week. Should be a high scoring game. I look forward to it.

I agree with the team of destiny part! Als have waited long enough! 5 Grey Cups in 7 years??? I can't stand to see another heart-breaking lose especially on home field! The Als offense will be the difference maker in this one. C'MON ALS! WIN THIS ONE!

The Als certainly do look like the team of destiny. I'll be cheering for them. Having said that, I think in terms of talent Calgary has an edge. Personally, I think the Alouettes will win; they'll have the crowd behind them and Calvillo and Cahoon especially will come out extra motivated.

I'll be cheering my Als with everything I have, but Calgary has owned us this year on offense, and a Chris Jones defense predicated on press coverage will always give a timing quarterback like Calvillo problems. My Als will have to play the game of their lives to win the Grey Cup.

Congrats to Trestman and the Als, hosting the big game is never easy to get to.

A great season and a great win over the Inuit of Edmonton.

I'll tell you of all the coaches and that includes any sport, Trestman is one decent classy type guy. Maybe a close second to the Pinball.
It's nice that both are in our league.