this is ridiculous...

…we’re getting blasted by snow already, October 2nd for crying out loud…6" to a foot depending on where you live and supposed to continue all day today…

…great Zeus’s beard, how does a bus wipe out that badly?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Oh my, that is discouraging! We are barely out of September!

Yay! Welcome to Canada, the true North strong and (sort of) free.

I love driving in snow. Don’t get enough of it here, sigh

October 2nd where I was. Kind of similar with the footprints - don’t you think R&W?:wink:

#jelly…looks nice TPB

…meanwhile in cowtown it’s snowing again :o

R&W please keep the snow. That beach shot was at Maho Beach in Ste. Maarten famous because of this… (so cool)

I love the snow. Love it! Wish it was snowing here.

Bring on Global warming I have no interest in cold and damp .

Good thing I didn’t close down the A/C for the year. It’s 85 and humid where I live. No sign of snow. :wink: Last week I had my longjohns on, though.

Yup - crazy for mid October. I rode into work today in shorts and a t-shirt and had to change shirts I was so sweaty by the time I got to the office. I feel like I’m still in the Caribbean - lol.

Humid and 27C with a ‘Real feel’ of 34C right now here in Hamilton. Yet by Saturday night we should be down near 2C. Crazy stuff!

If you are in Ontario today it's warm, but it's not going to last long.
It was really cold on the Thanksgiving weekend, I jogged on the waterfront and the windchill coming off the bay was bad, felt like it could snow. More of the cold by Friday...……..ow well back to normal.
Then we head south back to our winter home

Sounds like you are migrating. ;D

Predicted high today even higher than yesterday. Too humid though. T-shirt and shorts weather, then frost for Sat. I need a revolving door wardrobe.

It is crazy Dan! With the sun beating in our windows from the east we’re already up to 29C in our living room at 8:30AM. The temperature last night only dropped to 18C. Like a mid-summer night.

Looked and felt like a summer morning on my balcony as the sun rose - literally right over Tim Hortons Field as I sipped coffee in shorts and a t-shirt out on my balcony this morning.

You get beautiful vistas where you live, Pat. What floor are you on ? How high up are you to get such nice views ?

25C in our house now at 11:00 pm with it windy outside looking like some precip to happen shortly. Just outside in the backyard with no shirt and shorts, unreal.