This is Rediculous!

All I can say is "wow"! I am absolutely disgusted with everything I've read around here over the last few days. I haven't responded to anything because I was afraid I would lose it and probably get banned from this board for a while. (Why? Because I'm not Drumming God or Zontar and I wouldn't be able to get away with calling people "complete retards" and "idiots".)

I have a few things to say about some of the topics discussed after the game:

  1. Jason Maas has played one game and some of us are already driving him out of town. Kevin Eakin might have some potential but give me a break....give Maas a few games to get comfortable in the offence. He deserves that at least. And by the way, Maas wasn't the one holding, jumping offside, and missing assignments on Special Teams....Enough said.

  2. Some of us are calling for Craig Yeast's head because he dropped one ball after getting hammered by a big-time hit. Yeast is not a smash-mouth receiver and isn't known for going over the middle. You don't ask Corey Holmes to run in short-yardage or goal-line situations so why would you ask Yeast (5'7" 165 lbs.) to make a tough catch over the middle in traffic on 2nd down??

He isn't Archie Amerson or Mike Morreale and never has been....that's not his game. I'm not saying this is acceptable for any receiver, I'm just saying you can't ask a guy to do what he can't do. However, Yeast can do many good things on the field so sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. He's a game-breaker, not a possesion receiver.

  1. Yes we had some undisciplined play, but yet again we go into Toronto with Tom Wright in attendance and just get hammered in the penalty department. Take a look:

What a joke.

Penalties: 16 to 7
Yards: 121 yards to 93*
(*48 of which came on Pass Interference and Rough Play Disqualification calls)

Now I don't know about this game, but the part that bothers me the most: It's ALWAYS like this when we go to Toronto. You can't tell me we ALWAYS deserve twice as many penalties when we play at the Dome. It's almost like they apparently play a flawless, clean game against us every time.

  1. Yes Pinball's wife added words to the anthem and yes I was a little offended by it but no it's not the end of the world. What ticked me off about her performance was the length of it....between the extended and slow version of the national anthem, the rediculous Chris Jericho thing, the player announcements and the officials waiting for the Dome to open, our guys were on the field for 25 minutes before the kick-off.

Football is a game of emotion especially in the first few minutes when the boys are really fired up. It's pretty touch to sit around for that length of time (and no it wasn't the same for the Argos because we hit the field at least 10-15 minutes before them) and still be pumped up and ready to go right out of the gate.

  1. I have never been treated more poorly in Toronto then I was on Saturday. I was ambushed after the game by a group of goofs (who just happened to be wearing Argo jerseys) when I was in my car trying to drive home out of the parking lot. Some drunken idiot jumped on the hood of my car (denting it) while others were shaking it and knocking on my windows waiving their Argo flags everywhere. Apparently they got a look at my jersey and got a little loopy with excitement.

I have no problem with getting the raspberry from Argo fans especially after we lose if it's all in good fun. These guys were out of line and it got to the point where the Argo fans in the car behind me waiting to get out of the lot had to yell at them to get off my car so they could get home too.

It was very tasteless and I'm not very happy about it but I know that some Argo fans probably get the same treatment when they come down basically all I'm saying is that I don't care if you're an Argos fan, Cats fan, Polk High fan....SHOW A LITTLE RESPECT! I would never treat an Argo fan the way I was treated and I expect the same consideration in return. Classless on the parts of those people.

  1. I don't even think the Damon Allen hit was worthy of a penalty (see #3), so how can someone say that Shaw did it on purpose? What he did on purpose was plant Allen into the ground like he was supposed to. Let's face it, Damon has been hit twice this year and has been injured both times. Maybe it's time for him to consider not playing anymore since he's 43 years old.

  2. Spergon Wynn is a good QB. People are talking about him like he's a practice roster player. We got beat by a talented guy who is capable of putting up those kinds of numbers against any Defence in this league.....bottom line.

Anyways, that's my two cents.

I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but what really hits home is the shoddy treatment by the group of Argo fans. My friends and I received similar treatment at the playoff game 2 years ago, and swore we would not return. As a result, we watched Saturday's game from the safety of a well-known Hamilton watering hole. Cheaper and safer - the Italian soccer fans didn't jump on any cars.

Because for that kind of fans I said last year that I would not ever go to toronto to see another game.

There are fans of both teams that are “shoddy” but they’re not the true picture of the entire fanbase…I’ve been pushed around, spit upon and sworn at by Ti-Cat fans at IWS, but that won’t stop me from going nor will it make me believe that all Hamiltonians are like that.

Wayne Shaw's hit was very late and will be called every time. The TICAT penalties were earned and resulted from a lack of discipline and technique, not to mention the fact that in one on one battles the Argo players were clearly better. Sorry about the goons. I remember the old exhibition stadium days in Toronto. What you described was very reminiscent of the 60's and 70's. Peace

[quote="-AMG-"]All I can say is "wow"! I am absolutely disgusted with everything I've read around here over the last few days. I haven't responded to anything because I was afraid I would lose it and probably get banned from this board for a while. (Why? Because I'm not Drumming God or Zontar and I wouldn't be able to get away with calling people "complete retards" and "idiots".)

I totally agree!

It's only game one folks.

I think the big difference this year is that we have the talent. We can fix the problem of undisciplined penalties, but you can't fix a lack of talent as easily, and thankfully we don't have that problem this year.

Corey Holmes looks fantastic. Maas will be great too!

We could have...should have won this game.

Toronto won the division last year. We were fourth. We stuck with them. Hold your heads high.

Prediction....we win our homer opener Saturday night over Montreal!

'Onward on '06!

  1. Seems like it's ONE "fan" calling for Maas' head. I agree with the rest of this point.

  2. I'm just saying you can't ask a guy to do what he can't do.

Then perhaps we should have a reciever playing SB who CAN do that? Yeast has incredible tools, I just wish he'd use his head a bit more. Paying attention helps too (TD celebrations)...

  1. It's a joke, but I'm not laughing.

  2. National Anthems are sacred IMVHO. It's an insult to the country you are singing it for if you alter it. 25 mins on the filed waiting is FAR too long. Not surprised the blue team would do something like this.

  3. That was inexcusable. I wouldn't drive my car to a game in TO at all after reading this.

  4. Agreed.

  5. Agreed as well.

AMG you're the voice of reason yet again. Very well said. As for the car incident, I was walking by and I saw the fans start to wave their flags and bang on the windows of a car but I had no idea they took it that far. That's disgraceful. While I realize that some blue team fans have been mistreated in the past, this happened on Saturday and I think AMG has a right to vent without people telling him that it happens on both sides.

I wholeheartedly agree with pretty much everything you said and I'm getting really sick and tired of all the players getting bashed on here (yeah I know if I don't like it don't read it). It really makes me NOT want to post here.

Penalties !!!! They do happen. But the cheap shot variety, and the type that are retribution are not warranted. It's up to the coaches to make the dufus who commits these game changing penalties pay the price. Pull them from the game for a couple of series, fine them, something.

Well written post

Offensive reads and timing will improve with each game

The penalties were the killer. I blame Greg Marshall for this. He needs to instill much more discipline on his team. If this penalty parade keeps up for too many games this season we know where a big part of the problem lies

As for the Dome, that place doesn't have any identity. Exhibition Stadium had character.

The Dome is like a giant hyperbolic dish that draws in every type of human in Toronto's 3.5 million fanbase. Within that mix are the usual numbskulls, half-wits, dimwits and morons that make up the city of Toronto.

Be thankful you don't live there and you only elect to go there.

I didn't think the discipline was really that bad on the part of the cats aside from the offside by Devonte Peterson.

The refs had it in for us, calling interference on a few plays they shouldn't have, and late hits. Shaw was maybe a millisecond late and you're telling me he could stop that close to the QB? Not a chance, he had too much momentum going. It was unavoidable.

Sorry about the dicky fans AMG.

Double sorry if they were in our parking lot ( the Double Blue 00 tailgate lot )

We try hard to make outta town fans feel welcome/safe.

Three steps is not a millisecond. He could easily have held up. It was a selfish play. How about the objectionable conduct penalty, well after the whistle? Blaming the refs will not change anything. We got beat by a better (so far) and more disciplined team. Having said that, of-course it is still early. But Saturday was a wake up call. The team kept their head in the sand for 8-9 games last year. We added a lot of talent this year, but I think a lot of folks have failed to take into account the overall improvement by all teams, especially in a year of contraction. Criticsim is natural when fans see striking similarities to last season, and many of the same culprits. Most frustrating to me was the big problem we had in the second half. Other teams continuously do a better job of adjusting their game plan. We're getting out coached. Either that, or we manage to play on emotion for 30 minutes and then fade....

Hey AMG,

What you went through is wrong. It is supposed to be a fun three hours. The anthem thing makes me particularly ticked as I have mentioned in previous posts before.

One of the main reasons I have had the privledge of singing it 11 times at the ACC for Leaf games is that I sing it correctly and with tempo. The anthem is to be performed with enthusiasm and with tempo. Look at how it has been in Edmonton, it has been awesome. It is to start the game not to become part of the game. I am sure Mrs. Clemons is a very nice lady but you have to get the words right. O Canada is not difficult either completely in English or the combined French and English.

I would also suggest that it should never be done in two verses as was done at a game I went to Ivor Wynne. That just makes confusion.

Anyway, sorry about the rant, it just gets me a lttle ticked when our national anthem is not song correctly.

The most intelligent post-game point made yet.

find a post where ive called someone an idiot, or any other insult, when i havent been insulted first…

I was in that parking lot too...nobody bothered us and we stood with our Ticat shirts on. I saw some abuse of a Ticat car...but that was the one that had the insulting yellow poster that got taken from them and ripped! I stood right at the driveway and nobody bothered us. I will say this...the crowd was real friendly at the tailgate ...but the well beer-charged were out in full force after the game!

2 wrongs don't make a right lets not do that crap to them when they are in Hamilton! they are our guests in our home, and sure we can do some ribbing, but lets face facts...they are fans of the CFL and as such are family! PERIOD!

Now as far as the other comments go..I really don't have any disagreement with them except some people seem to think that a certain person called for Maas to be set down to #2. That is not the case at all! He simply said that we have 2 good QB's...and a certain bunch jumped him on it! I beleive the thread is still up...go read it for yourself!

Now myself...I didn't pull any punches in the "Same-Old" thread and didn't get anywhere near the flak I was sure somebody would call me out on! I guess it's hard to argue with facts!

Anyway...we got out-coached and out-classed on the field by a very beatable team...Let's move on from that "mistake of a game" and learn from it! Heck we could have learned from last year...but NO we have to make the same mistakes with the "New Guys"!

Sorry...I don't buy it and I'll look for a better, more diciplined outing next week! I can accept a loss if it happens and we play well...But there is no excuse for "giving up" or making "rookie mistakes" or failing to make changes when something isn't working!

sorry for the rant..but I'm still p'sd at losing a very winable game. Let's hope this one loss doesn't come back to haunt us in November...2 points now are worth the same in November! Keep that in mind when you say "it's just one game"! That's how last year started out! :roll:

I was much more forgiving last year...This year, we have the weapons...let's use them properly!

I'm actually not sure which lot I was in (I was so excited about the game I just pulled into the first lot I saw even though it was $20) but I know it was right on Reese St. between the ACC and the Dome.

Either way, I'm sure some good Argo fans have had the same treatment in Hamilton and I'm not lashing out at the Argo fan base. I'm just stating what happened and how dissapointed I am with those individuals.

But thanks for the kind words and I'm still pretty sure I'll be at the next game because it will kill me not to be. I'll just be avoiding some of the parking lots....maybe I'll take the Go-Train.

I'm not trying to say we didn't deserve any or all of our penalties.....I'm saying "Did we deserve twice as many penalties as the Argos?"....and "Do we always deserve twice as many penalties when we play at the Dome?"....because it's always the same story.

I agree we have work to do in the discipline department, but you can't tell me the Argos were as squeaky clean as it would appear they were on the game sheet.

I don't agree with either of you about the Shaw hit. It wasn't late and it wasn't a millisecond after he threw the was a normal hit. What did they want Shaw to do, strain himself to avoid contact? He barely hit him. Anyways, I don't even care that it was called a penalty, I was annoyed that someone said he was trying to injure Allen. I could've injured Allen from my seat by blowing a horn at him.

i partially agree there, the hit occured as the ball was leaving allen's fingertips.

thats not a penalty.