This is random, but I've always wondered:

if at a CFL training camp, anyone can just walk up, or if the players need invites? it may seem like a goofy question to some, but i have never really known. thanks for any help on this question!

the cats run some mini camps in early spring and you pay a small fee.and then if you're good to go you may get an invite.

thank you emms1, is that just for the cats or every club?

not sure,
a guy we have found in the past from these camps i believe was jonta woodard and a couple others

Pretty Sure Most Clubs have Tryout Camps.
But you have to Check websites for when and more Details

Not sure you can walk up to a regular training camp but you sure can at a free agent camp. It will cost you a few bucks though.

CFL camps are far too short for teams to waste time on any guy off the street who thinks he can make the team.

They used to have a free agent camp every spring at Ivor Wynne. Not sure if they still do that. Normally about 150-200 guys show up and maybe 1-2 get camp invites. Anyone remember John Hood? He was a RB from 92-94 and the team found him in their free agent camp.

Every club holds free agent camps in the offseason. Checking with the team's football operations reps for details is wise if someone wants to give it a shot.

Oski Wee Wee,

thanks to all for your help :smiley:

Seems to me the last five years they have taken any one they can fit a helmet on.

That's progress, actually. A former colleague of mine from Chicago told me that, about eight years ago, his son came up for the Ticats camp and they didn't have a helmet that fit him. They made him sit out two days until his dad could courrier up one of his old helmets, which he had to spray paint. At first I thought it was bull, but it sounded just crazy enough to be true, and he later sent me a few pictures of his kid at camp.

There's something to be said for stable ownership!

I remember reading about that guy in the spec sports . not the owners fault his head was just to darn big and Supplier couldnot fill the order :lol:

I have a big head so I guess I can never play for the cats.

is he still available?
we can sure use a big defensive tackle right now.

I have a four foot vertical jump but they still released me as wide reciever without a second look.............................better not be because I am 4'3".

i'm sure stern must have some pull. maybe you can hook up with favre and the jets.

And their website accepts anyone who can
put their face up to a mirror and fog it up.

You are living proof of that, LEO. :rockin: :lol:

Just kiddin' :oops: :twisted:

I'm pretty sure that was Ben Jefferson. They picked him up from Shreveport in the dispersal draft. I think they found his old Pirates helmet in Lonie Glieberman's rumpus room being used as a spittoon.