This is painful...

So my team had an abysmal season.. ;-(.. So now I have to change my loyalties. Who to cheer for? I guess it will have to be the Eskimos... (altho I do that grudgingly) because its the team my sweetie is cheering for.. But good luck to all the teams in the post season..
my prediction
BC and Montreal in the Grey Cup.. with the cup going to BC.. which will be exciting seeing as how it will be at home...

Yes it is unfortunate jaz; I hope good things are in order on the changes to be made as far the Roughriders are concerned.
I think you do cheer for Sask.

Once the Als are out, my wife takes the simple approach of cheering for touchdowns. Doesn't matter who wins. She just wants to see a good game. :slight_smile:

usually not a problem for me.

I have all eight ranked and just cheer for who is higher on the list.

edmonton montreal games are worst for me. sometimes hard to even make myself watch.

with my second and third team out, that leaves me with leos and ticats in top 4. Go kitties.

In 1978-79; those were classic Grey Cup Championship games FootbalYouBet…?
On the otherhand; 1988 was the most painfull one for me, kind of like 1970 too.

88 and 76 are the two most painfull GC games I can remember.

no matter how good he is, I refuse to put Gabriel on my top xx list of receivers, grrr

Also FYB; back then Brock and Clements were good signal callers and payed much attention to where/what the Safety was doing through out the game; and the norm is those said plays (where the receiver is wide open) are called late in the game IMO. However, no pun intended to take anything away from the other QB’s back then for that matter.

I'm cheering against Montreal, Edmonton, and Winnipeg. Montreal generally gets a free pass every year into the Grey Cup. If I have to listen to an entire off season of Swaggerville BS then I'm not going to be very impressed. Edmonton is a classless organization by hiring Eric Tillman.

Eric is a turnaround specialist in his first year being the GM with 4 different teams; his won/loss record is 57-33 and two Grey Cups to boot. The CFL also believes in second chances - NFL with Mike Vick.

ya I usually can relax once the Eskimos are eliminated, or miss entirely. the years where the Esks missed were very satisfying for me as I didn't have to worry about them winning.

if it's B.C. or Calgary or Saskatchewan (preferred) vs Hamilton or Montreal or Toronto or Winnipeg.. in the Grey Cup, I don't really care! if the Riders are in I want them to win, no question.

but if they don't make it, then whoever wins is fine by me!

I guess you’ll have to wait another “PAINFULL” 117 Hrs or so to find out…ect. :cowboy:

I cheer for the Refs. And good football games, and against the Esks, and against the Stamps.

I met Gabriel once and the first words out of my mouth were "nice catch." He didn't appear impressed :lol:

and Ben Roethlisberger, Eugene Robinson, Ray Lewis, Pacman Jones, Plaxico Burress, Reggie Bush, Braylon Edwards, Ricky Williams etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

Perhaps he thought you said “nice watch” and was frightened of you mugging him. :wink: