This is Our League?

Personally I think that the Thursday games are the ones that should be done with. The league should try to make two Friday and two Saturday games in my opinion. There are not that many people that are going to sacrifice a CFL game on a weekend to get to the cottage instead. You may loose a couple of dozen walk up sales.

I have stated before that I believe the reason that we are faced with Thursday night games is because the CFL signed the monopolistic contract with TSN. TSN has to make sure that they leave time on the weekends for other events such as F1, NASCAR, the Jays, the ever exciting poker (which should NEVER be on a sports station) and eventually the NFL once the season is on. With only having one network to air the games the CFL had no choice but for Thursday night games because they would not even get televised if not. This is only my personal opinion however, feel free to argue if you want, but I feel that the fans got the shaft from this big tv deal.

one a day, thursday to sunday, is best. Those going to games get to still see the other games live. The only way to do it to maximize attendance and tv numbers.

I hadn't thought of it like that.....

Thats a great post! :thup:

lots of Turkeys in Saskatchewan too, and, gophers.

I prefer Thursday and Friday night games ... because my girlfriend monopolizes Saturdays and Sundays :wink:

say what?

never let a woman interfere with football man. Thats just so wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey...I object to that.

its ok, you included to. Never let a woman interfere with your enjoyment of football either :rockin: :wink:

but, if you ever do, be sure to post it here, ok :twisted: :thup: 8)


Yeah you're right. CFL games are becoming way to convenient. We need Tuesday night games, short travel weeks, extra long weeks, and scores and scores of fans and players complaining about schedule inconsistencies.

That will come when Ottawa returns..... I remember BC Playing in Hamilton on Tuesday then Toronto on Sunday.........Ugly but a fact of life back then.

Not to take anything away from Rider fans, but it's not as cut and dried as you have this many, you should have this many at the games.

Riders have zero competition for the sports entertainment dollar. BC has to contend with 2 other pro sports teams, WHL teams, and much stronger entertainment competitors in other areas. Such as night life, outdoor activities, theatre, shopping, etc.

We also have a huge immigrant population, hovering around 40% in the Lower Mainland, who wouldn't know a football from a bowl of fried rice, or tandoori chicken.

who wouldn't know a football from a bowl of fried rice, or tandoori chicken
until they tried to eat it.

Probably just a slight on your part, as I do agree with much of what you posted, but there's plenty of WHL teams in Saskatchewan as well.

"This is our game." Glen Suitor... What an idiot.


During on of the games this week he went on a big rant how Cohon has been taking about Thias is our game and his game and his game...etc... it was embarrasing for anyone who knew better

picky picky picky

I was wondering the same thing. You sure can't please everyone.!!! :wink:
Last week, I liked having a game /nite..Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun aft. Two games per night is a little harder to convince my better half to watch or let me watch. So have to tape them and watch later.