This is Our League?

Notice how almost all the summer games are on the weekend this season now that TSN has taken over? It bites!

In the Great White North, we only get so many summer weekends to go camping or head to the lake. This means that any CFL club with a game scheduled Fri, Sat, Sun, has to compete with people who would like to enjoy the weekend outdoors.

I don't know what TSN is paying the CFL for broadcast rights, but I bet it is nowhere near what is lost in gate receipts across the CFL.

It'll be interesting to see at the end of the summer how it pans out. I think the only stadium that will sell out on weekends is Saskatchewan. You could schedule a Rider exhibition game during WWIII with bombs dropping overhead and the game would still be a sellout.

Right now the the only sellout I see is the CFL head office.

Oh god stop whining. If they have the game in the middle of the week then people would complain how they have work the next day. The schedule is fine.

The riders have the smallest population demographic to draw from and they've sold out every game this why couldn't place's like BC, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto who all have over a million?

Montreal has sold out 80 consetutive games.
Im am glad that the riders have done well in ticket sales but it is far to early to say that they are the measuring stick for the other teams

I'm not saying that they are....and i'll be the first person to admit that the Al's have been the most stable (attendance wise) francise in the CFL over the past few years.....

All i was saying is that if you can get 30,000 people from a city of 197,000 on a friday or saturday in july or august....then it shouldn't be a problem to do it in toronto with 4,500,000 people or BC....etc

yes but you mentioned Montreal.....why cant they sell out

Just mentioned montreal because of their population size compared to Regina.....forgot that they have the streak goin....all though they need to expand their stadium i think.....they could draw more than 22,000. I think thats what it holds....

20202 to be exacly and a waiting list of 3 to 5 thousand, depending on who you listen to. And they will expand, as soon as they get the tree huggers out of the way

i prefer weekend games.

I don't think it's fair to compare Fan attendance with team support! Driving in the province of B.C. is a lot different than driving in Saskatchewan! Taylor field is located in Regina which is 2.5 hours from Estevan, 1.5h from Weyburn, 45min from moosejaw, 2.5h from Saskatoon! this is were the majority of fans commute from! Although Vancouver region is larger than any of these if you live in Vernon/Kelowna/Salmon Arm/Kamloops/Revelstoke/Merrit your looking at some serious driving time (about6-7 hours 1 way) not to mention at 1.50 a litre and the long drive home. See my point? many would like to attend the games but it's a big time/money thing for many who live so far away from downtown Vancouver! I can enter the outskirts of Regina take the ring road and be at Taylor field 20 min tops! try that getting to B.C. place from the Trans-Canada! good luck! before making an unfair statement about fans at games do your homework! I'm the sure the same goes for bigger centres like Montreal and Toronto as well!

How could it be anything but predominantly weekend games? Weekdays are for work, weekends are for play. Football is a game, a distraction. Yes, it competes with camping and all sorts of other stuff, but that's life: a competition. We shouldn't expect 100% citizen participation, just achieving dominant participation or even significant participation is already good.

I look forward to the games on the weekends...wouldn't change that.

all things relative as well - Regina is what 200k population? Vancouver covering Surrey to the dome is over a million. BC has the Lions - Canucks - Whitecaps - The Ravens and the Canadians Ball team. They both have WHL teams so the big difference is that Regina's only Pro Team is the Riders so they have little competition for family's sports spending dollars.

That being said the Riders could sell out a 40k stadium if they had one right now. The team is on a roll and so is the province. Economic issues may contribute to eastern attendance with all the layoffs in the manufacturing sector - in BC its so many things trying for the same dollars that not every team can get every fan.

For the weekends I wouldn't change it. Some of my fondest memories as a kid was going from the farm into Regina for the weekend to stay with family then go to the game. Although back then the folks went in and we sat on the grass mounds just outside to watch lol

Your post is nonsensicle.... CBCs summer games were on Saturday.... If anything there are more Thursday games this year then ever in essence TSN has promoted the exact opposite of what you are saying...
TSN # up seven percent.... Much lower then CBC.
It takes two and a half hours to drive to mission in rush hour.... so yes you cannot compare the two.

I used 2 live in South Sask. I remember the big trip was driving 2 hours! doing some shopping at the big stores like Walmart/Toys R us!/ Blockbuster/ Krazey kylies/ Superstore! Burger King for a whopper! and A Riders game followed by a meal at Red Lobster! which at 1 or more of these places we picked up sum cute Saskatchewan babes! I love Regina but it's way more easy 2 be at than down town Vancouver ( chicks are harder to get here! too much compitition!)

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800K people with 3.5 hours of the stadium matches up well with 3.0 million witin 1 hour of the stadium.

If you review this years schedule to last, I think you will see there is very little difference between the two. The main difference I suspect is just the TSN marketing.

Friday, sat and Sunday Double header games.!! that's what i want!!! Playing games on Thursday to appease the 500 or so cottage going CFL fans is silly, IMHO, Just like Black outs, it is not creating a good image of the CFL, NFL wannabees (which I'm Not) point to the Schedule as a thing to mock about CFL, short week games don't make for Good football games again IMHO

Nothing wrong with the schedule. Maybe it has a few more Thursday games, but its fine as it is.

ro1313, are you ready?


If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Of the 16 games so far this season, 7 have been on Thursdays. That's almost half.

What's all this stuff about too many weekend games?