This is NOT GOOD...I dont like TSN

CFL on TSN broadband isnt working..

Is anyone else having this problem

I paid freakn 9.95 and cant see the game

im not paying anything and im getting it fine, just a couple seconds behind tv

how is that....hook me up

just go to

ok let me check it out...

then where do i go after that

ok it isnt working for me

The page cannot be displayed

the box where it says "watch it live now" and has the pictures of the helmets

I'm not sure but I think the game is only free if you live in Canada but im not completely sure.

That is true. In the US, one has to go to to the pay-per-view page for broadband viewing.

That kinda sucks Great way to grow the game!! Neat-O Gang

I gotta agree that I don't like TSN... I'm paying for HD channels, and when I got home this morning, I find out there's some damn car race on my DVR, along with a blurb saying that I should tune in to TSN SD if I want to watch football.

Why was this game blacked out? I missed a game, cannot comment on what happened, and am frustrated beyond belief. TSN can go [fill in the blank with something vulgar].

It wasn't blacked out. The game wasn't in HD.
Non-HD games that are blacked out in the home team's city won't be on the TSN HD channel.
My Expressvu on-screen guide even listed Nascar Canadian Tire Series on TSN HD, when most times previously they would still list the football game there.