This is NOT a #1 ranked team...

…not by a long measure

Well certainly from my vantage point , for 6 out of 8 quarters this year they looked like the best team in the league by a long ways. Discipline has always been an issue for me with this squad however. For several years.

Two teams play, only one wins. Nobody is going 18-0

Stamps look good to me still. But I do wonder about Tate. Was that arm in ice, and Tate out of the game, simply due to tendonitis or is it more serious? Not that tendonitis may not be serious.

I agree!!!!

I hate that I was right when I called Tate out on lasting more than 2 games. The Buck Pierce of the West, don't like his demeanor at all. Our "D" is soft and the lack of QB pressure is a killer on the secondary which Dressler made glaringly apparent. Brutal collapse.

Work to do here for sure Huff!! Did I mention I hate losing to the #$#@@! Riders!!!