This is my theory!

With big money players like Alex Green and Justin Capiciotti and Nikita Whitlock being cut I have a theory we are announcing some serious money to Solomon Elimimian.

I hope you are right. I’d be more sold on the theory if they cut Tracy and Tuggle.

So my guess is Soli goes to Sask .We have,to realize we’d be,getting an aging beat up Soli. A good,player just not as good as a few years ago and,we’d,be paying alot.

I would want to keep Tuggle because there is nothing wrong with two solid middle linebackers. I think they will have Westerman and Davis starting at DE with Tracy in at times keeping Westerman and Davis legs fresh…same with Connor Connor McGough…excellent keeper

I’d be surprised if whitlock was a big money player. He was an import backup.thats not usually a ticket to riches

Agreed. Both Green & Cappicciotti were past their 1st contract though & likely were making more than enough together to land Elimimian if that is in fact the plan.

Remember when we all panted after Sinkfield, and all he did for us was to burn up salary dollars. And he was only the last in a list that included guys such as Chapman, Williams, Westerman, Owens, even Manziel.

I’m still apprehensive about Elimimian. B.C. is retooling and looking to improve. If Elimimian is such an asset, why let him go, and if it was just because they can’t afford him for value perceived, can we? Five former B.C. coaches don’t seem to be swaying the Cats to take the plunge. Buyer beware!

The difference is, we didn’t sign our QB to a $700k contract.

BC obviously feels the boost by signing Reilly will be greater than the drop off in play from Elimimian to whoever they have to replace him.

Maybe we are planning to use cap savings to extend our own starting QB. Pick an average salary that’s higher than he is scheduled to make this year, but lower than he might expect to command as a free agent in 2020.

Jeff Reinebold gave him a ringing endorsement.

We don’t know why BC released him but if Solly can sign for an affordable amount and stay healthy then I doubt that we could field somebody better at MLB.

I doubt that’s the plan, but it certainly would be if I was in charge. Not right now, but once the amount of the new cap is determined, I think locking up the real JM, for two to a few more years, would be the best investment the TiCats could make for their near future. (I do realize that posting this opinion could start another long JM debate. :slight_smile: