This Is Michael Bishop;s Make or Break Year.

Michael Bishop got off to a fast start this year, but has slolwy returned to his old confused form.

Missing receivers, throwing easy interceptions, and fumbling the ball. And basically not driving the team down the field.

If he and the Argos offence can't pick it up the rest of this year, and if Bishop keeps playing the same way, I can see the ARogs looking for a new starter next season. Even if they win the Grey Cup.

True, his play has slowly declined. He missed some open recievers last game for sure. Seems like the first man is always covered and he can't look him off. When he does though, Talbot usually is there to make a reception. I recall one play last game where he pumped faked to Cetoute, so I thought, "ok, good play, now look at the wide open 85". He then tries to force the ball back to Cetoute. What the heck?

I wouldn't go as far to say if they win the Cup, but if his play doesn't improve these next two games, then yes. The whole season ride on this man. Bishop will play the next two games and Cup if we get there. Lots of pressure.

I can't help but think Printers would have been a perfect fit here. Lots of time to learn the offence and even struggle because of such a great D. Printers would only improve, yet hes stuck in Hamilton where even if he plays well, they still lose.

All I can say is, Bishop might be the worst 10-1 QB ever.
The Argos are very fortunate to have a monster defence this year.

where is argotom to tell us how great bishop is?

Looks like Bishop is back to his old ways. He looked All-World against the Cats earlier in the year...

mm-hmm. :expressionless:

and yer point? (pardon my sarcasm) :smiley:

He looked really uptight on the weekend, his balls were fluttering a lot. Probably from gripping the ball too tight being uptight. He needs to try and relax a bit more. Maybe this is part of his problem, dealing with the stresses of big games.

not a clutch player eh? great quality to have in yer QB. hahahahaha Oskee-wee-wee! c'mawn an fall apart bish!

...could it be that we might see the return of the 'ol guy' if Bishop continues to tank.... personally i think its a possibility IF he doesn't light it up in Regina..... :wink:

I wonder if Bishop's wrist is bothering him more then he cares to admit. Some of those throws lately have looked like the arm isn't doing what the brain tells it.
But I would like to see a little better play calling by whoever is doing it. Bishop is not a pocket passer yet, I would roll him out 75% of the time to make the defense commit. That's when he is the most dangerous IMO.

Bishop has the physical skills.

He may be a brick or two short of a full load.

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Helmet size larger than IQ.

Mental midget.

Put Damon Allen's brain in Michael Bishop's body and then you'd have a frightening combination.

Lobotomy anyone?

Where's a neuro-surgeon when you need one? :rockin:

Managing an entire game and coming off the bench are two different things. Bishop is, for lack of a better term, a rookie, this is his first year starting, so there are bound to be a few bumps on the road. He just needs more experience and time to develop. Giving up on him too quickly would be a mistake, imo.

Hey they have kept Allen around for the last 5 years, of which he only had one great season. They will keep Bishop around if Pinball is still there.

At 60+ years of age, I WOULD look all world against the Ti-Cats! :wink: :wink: