This is just wrong.

So far, I haven’t traveled much to other CFL cities, so I thought: “This year is the year”. I decided I’d go see some of your stadiums and, perhaps, meet some of you. But I thought, “If I am to travel to go see football games, I should pick weekends and places where I can see two games so that I don’t go all the way there just for one.”

It was then logical that my two first trips would get me in Alberta, when both the Stampeders and the Eskimos play home games on the same weekend, and in Ontario, when both the Tiger-Cats and the Argonauts host a game on the same weekend.

I checked the schedule provided on this site and booked my plans. I decided to go:

  • To McMahon stadium on July 7;
  • To Commonwealth stadium on July 8;
  • To Ivor Wynn stadium on August 19, and
  • To Rogers “Skydump” stadium on August 20.

Now you tell me: What the heck is wrong with all those dates?

RIGHT! There are no games there on these dates.

Why? Because all “the home teams” are on the road!

Why did I picked these dates, then? Because the schedule on this site was BACKWARD! I just crossed-checked the schedule taken here two days ago and the one currently available and everything is the opposite!

I know the CFL had credibility issues in the past. It certainly isn’t helping itself when making such mistakes. You’d think the league own website should be a reliable source of info. They should be more careful…

The sad thing is I will probably have to cut it down to only one trip this year because there are nos weekends during which the Ticats and Argos play consecutive home games. There are always more than a day between their games, or then they play during the week.

As for Alberta, there is only one weekend where it would be possible to go: October 14-15. Eh well… I’ll wait a few months, then…

I downloaded the schedule when it came out in Feb. That one agrees with the one on the site now. Calgary and Edmonton are away in July, Ham and Tor are away for the 2 dates in Aug.

The only game that was backwards was the Ham/Mtl game in week 1. Which has since been corrected.

The stamps can’t play in calgary in July because we’ll all so stumblin drunk for Stampede and hung over afterwards it takes until early august to get back to normal. Safer for the team to be away.

Why not try July 23rd though when Saskatchewan is in town to be humiliated. Then you can be the unbiased official on whether there are more Stampeder or Rider fans in the stands…