This is just stupid

So many different threads on the awards that should all be in one topic.


And now one more. :slight_smile:

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I agree and would ask moderators to consider combining threads in such instances. Team news should also be on the team forums as well.

It makes it harder to follow with three or four similar discussions. All in all though, improved from previous editions.

In this case, I disagree. Having a separate thread for each award allows posters to focus on discussing the merits of the two candidates (see the special teams award thread). Blending them all into one thread would muddy the waters, I think.


Those posts are made by a bot most likely. I highly doubt the @system account is a real person.

Hey Dave. I almost didn't recognize you with your new avatar. It suits you. :slight_smile:

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I'll support the Cats for another 36 hours or so. Then, hope my Argos can plunder some of their top players before the 2022 season starts.

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Ah, so you're not merely a forum mod. You're also an evil genius!

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Requirement for the 15 character thread title is an issue. Can't see the logic behind it.

It sure does. That avatar is A LOT like the Lightning Logo we used for our Bombers a few years back. It's good to know that Capital Dave is secretly on our side. :grin: