this is just stupid

glen taking a knew while they waste time dealing with his finger. Too many injuries are the type where a player could walk off the field, or be carried without causing further harm, yet they waste time like this. This is far more annoying to me than penalties, as far as time wasting goes. grrrrr :x

Doesn't matter about all that, it's standard procedure to do so as it gives both sides a breather and discuss things relative on what is happening on the field.

My guess is they wanted to give Beck [his replacement] a little more time to warm up before going onto the field.

By the way FYB…

What is, "glen taking a knew while they waste time dealing with his finger."

ask someone under 20 :wink:

Oh wait a minute….. I see. lol You meant to type, "Glenn taking a knee. " Now it makes sense. :wink:

Might stall the game somewhat but if it's the team you cheer for and advantageous to try and get a win, what type of fan would question this type of tactic? Only a fan that doesn't like Kevin Glenn, the guy plays for your team and you're questioning what is going on. Very weird. Unless you don't your team to win with that particular qb as qb for the team on this day? :? :? :?

Very strange thread by a Lions fan. :o

he didn't need to have his finger examined on the field. nothing strange about it. don't care who the playerteam is

FYB…. shhhhh

You don't want the other coach, the players and the officials to know what Glenn was really doing now do you? Hush up. lol