This is it ...

... My first week of actually being able to watch live games !! Not as exited about tonight's games, but watching the Riders run over the Lions should be entertaining.

I am REALLY looking forward to Ti-Cats/Esks tomorrow night ... They are my two favorite teams, but due to overwhelmingly positive response from fans on this site I will be pulling for the Cats (No offense to Chief - I want the Esks to win any other week). Enjoy the weekend all !!


yup... go cats.... but dont tell my

That's all right. This game is a toss up, but since I'll be in the stands tomorrow, I'll really be pulling for an Edmonton win.

The B.C./Sask game is another toss up. B.C. is at home, and they need a win like you wouldn't believe. But Clermont will be playing tonight, and he used to be a Lion, and generally when a player or coach faces his former team, he does well. So does that mean Clermont will have a huge game tonight and the Riders will win?

This will definitely be an exciting week. I'm even looking forward to the Winnipeg/Calgary rematch. I want to see how Calgary responds. Unfortunately, I'll miss most of that game because I'll be driving home.

Excellent - Enjoy the game Chief .. Ivor Wynne looks like a great place to watch a game !!

Chief you gonna watch this weekend ? Got your tv guide all checked off and everything ? No trips to Wendy's while the game is on ?

LOL ! :lol:

I'm a Schmo's fan myself but I'll be cheering for the Ti-Cats this week. I figure its better for the franchise and the league as a whole for Hamilton to have a good season.

Nope. Only a trip to the beer store. And a BBQ. :wink:

I hate it when the Cats and Esks play because one of the usually loses. I hope it's a tie. Should be a good game though.

Best place to see a game in the CFL. If you ever get a chance, come down. You are right ontop of the action.