This is how it goes down....

Ah pork sausage I am sure he will address this. You may want to worry about the blue and gold. I hear they need a kicker good ole Troy is trading the pads in for that motorized walker. Taman is on the phone wanting a look at O'missy again :lol: This time Barker would drive him to Winnipeg.

Not so fast diaper rash, Troy has re-signed with the Blue, so it looks like senile old Barker is stuck with a couple re-hab cases in Omiss and Asmith.

Ah Troy will not make it past TC his walker will get in the way of his kicking foot. I changed my depends this morning :lol:

...DEPENDS.....on who the Bombers bring in to push Troy ....he may try to draw his pension...but on the other hand somehow, he seems to dig down and produce ...when necessary...go Westy... :lol:

:lol: I heard he was having a walker race with you dad. He beat you because you had to much of your brew.