This is great!

The team is getting better every game, in fact last nights performance showed double the improvement from the previous game. The effort is there, the team play is looking a ton better, the confidence level is accelerating as each player now has VISION, of the play calling and of the schemes set up during the game as well as how their team mates are reacting to each other and, I think, how much this team can accomplish under Coach Taafe.
What is REALLY, REALLY great though is the decrease in the negative comments posted on this board, it makes it a pleasure to visit the board when I get a chance and read through the posts and comments. Oh sure there is still the 'cut this guy, trade that guy, play this guy more etc. etc. etc.' comments, but there is hope now and this breeds a more POSITIVE attitude, and a lot less of what my grandma use to call the Negative Nellies.
Coaches, Players and Fans should all remember to.......

The negative is consistent tho. Its mostly directed in one direction and will continue until a change is made. The team is improving but we still need to put the best players on the field. If its discouraging to point out the inadequate play of the most crucial player on the field then so be it. I simply cannot be encouraged about anything I’ve seen from that guy

This is pretty funny, I wasn't even looking for a response, just wanted to state my opinion and the only reply that was submitted was totally negative from a total discouragement. And that can be contagious too.
I guess some people walk around with that cloud over their head on a regular basis, should probably get outside at least once a day.

argoconvert stated........
The negative is consistent tho

Ya, I guess you are right, consistently the same posters after every game and if it wasn't that player you would find someone else to complain about.

Actually no I would not. There really isn't anything else to complain about. Things are looking up everywhere except at QB

OK, picture this scenario - Maas is injured on the first play from scrimmage next week, your boy gets the call and, for a variety of reasons, the team loses the next four straight. You sure you won't find something else to complain about?

No I would not complain. I expect to lose with Chang for a period of time. Its inevitable. You don't learn from holding a clipboard you learn by playing. Right now we are wasting time with Maas. Its far better to lose while developing a CFL QB starter than to lose with a guy that has proven he'll never be better than a backup. As a matter of fact ANY QB has taken over a full season of playing time before hitting his stride. The common thing with all raw QBs is that they make mistakes and have a chance to learn from them. The good ones do the bad ones don't. BTW I feel it was sad what happened to Callvillo and I still cannot forgive the shortsighted fans. He was a fav of mine and I was PO'd when he left.