This is /Great for the Hamilton Tiger Cats and Community

Thanks, 05. That was a good read. Good to see Printers out in the community. I hope he can help turn the Ti-Cats around.

good read, yup me too chief

Watch how quickly printers attitude sours if williams is given fair chance to earn starter andor ends up as starter by seasons end.

I’d probably be a little sour, too. Printers deserves a full season.

based on what? One overacheiving season in BC, not his last one I might add. Look how almost all the QBs in BC have had pretty much the same reg season success the last few yrs. Maybe, just maybe, it wasnt Printers that was so great, for just one season I might add.

I say training camp should start out even between him and williams, even reps, even playing time, etc. Let him EARN starter. I say, given fair chance, williams beats him. Printers might be slightly more physically gifted, maybe. Sure he has more CFL experience, but I beleive Williams to be smarter, and have better attitude. I am betting eventually, he will prove to be a better team leader and instill more confidence in the rest of the players. I think they like him.

Their offensive coaching better improve no matter whos playing.

No way. Printers is the man. This is all about moulding a team around him, so he can be successful. They aren't paying him $1.5M to stand on the sidelines and watch Williams play.

Casey ignited the Vancouver fan base tremendously in his MVP season. "Caseymania" had taken over the city and there was profound disappointment with many fans when he didn't sign him and he left for the NFL...despite having Dave Dickenson, Buck Pierce and Jarius Jackson in the fold.

Last year he struggled as he was just trying too hard to be saviour of the team, and he had a diabilatating hamstring injury which severely hampered his mobility, his stock in trade.

Some have alluded to the success of all Lion QB's, no matter whose back there. The common denominator is the great Lion receiving corp, led by 2006 Outstanding Player Geroy Simon, who simply catches everyting in his time zone and had something special going on with Printers in his time in BC.

It is now Casey's show in Hamilton. The Cats have staked their claim, now they can only hope they hit the motherlode with Printers.

making coaching decision based on a players salary is nuts.

being determined to build a team around one individual more often than not, backfires.

Start with one person in mind, sure, but always be open to getting it done with someone else.

FYB, what happened to the Ti-Cats last season? Hell, what happened to the Eskimos? You can't have a revolving door. If Printers is the stater, then he needs to be given a fair shot. Not 6 games and then he's done. If the Ti-Cats do that, they'll just sink themselves a little more.

It's about continuity, building a consistent team. Let these guys play together and bond and become a team. You can't have that if you're not going to give Printers a fair shot.

Besides, Printers brings veteran leadership to the team, which is what they need.

Whoa, dont misunderstand me. I dont want to take anything away from Printers, yet, I just want Williams to also have a fair shot. They should both have equal reps and playing time with first string in training camp and pre season, then whoever steps up and earns starter should not be on too short of a leash, at least not in the first half of the season. Also, tie should go to Printers. I am just saying that they should not automatically say Printers is the guy and give him most of the reps and starter playing time from day one. That would not be fair to Williams, and possibly, not fair to the team, nor to the fans in the long run.

I am going to go out on a limb and make a prediction. If Williams is the real deal and stick around, he will be starting QB of a cup winner before Printers. You heard it here first.

Well, they kind of brought Printers in to be the starting QB… You don’t give a guy $500,000 a season to be the back-up for a rookie.

If Williams turns out to be good, well hey, good for him. But I have to think Printers is the starter.

....When Printers played for the leos...anyone with any football knowledge could tell this guy had tons of potential and didn't just go away.....granted he had a better supporting cast in Van. than he does in the hammer...but great players can carry a team....I think fair judgement on his play can only be made after he is well entrenched in the TiCats system....we'll see :expressionless: