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An intersting thread on CFL Free Agent day. Either a superb misunderstanding, or A-grade trolling from the UK. You be the judge. First, Ted Laurent of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats announces something ...

Ted Laurent ? @tedlaurent
I made a decision
3:43 PM - 9 Feb 2016

And fans of the Ticats naturally take this opportunity to express their love for the Toronto Argonauts

Jake theSnake @argos_suck
@tedlaurent #Argos Suck!

Sensing an opportunity - presumably they search for these things - although possibly misunderstanding the topic, the British retail chain "Argos" chimes in...

Argos Helpers ? @ArgosHelpers
@argos_suck Hi Jake, is there anything I can help you with? -- Mat

Jake helpfully points out the struggles of the Hamilton Tiger Cats in their attempts to win the championship trophy...

Jake theSnake @argos_suck
.@ArgosHelpers I've been looking for a Grey Cup for a number of years now. Can you help?

And - remarkably - Argos has actual Grey Cups for sale! By Royal Doulton! From the Gordon Ramsay collection! Who knew?

Argos Helpers ? @ArgosHelpers
@argos_suck You're in luck, Jake, check this out: ... 556129.htm … -- Mat

Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay Maze 4 Cup and Saucer - Slate.

Jake's right, that is helpful; this might be the only way the Ticats can actually get a Grey Cup, by purchasing one.

Jake theSnake @argos_suck
.@ArgosHelpers This is helping, I actually have 15 and looking for my 16th in 2016. Not so sure about that foul mouthed G. Ramsey though

[url=] ... and-argosh[/url]

On our recent trip to Scotland, my brother-in-law was looking for an electric fan for his bedroom - for the white noise more than the cooling effect. We searched the internet for places to buy one, and of course, one of the stores that popped up was Argos. At that point, I told him no way on that one, as there was no way I was going to have an Argos fan in our hotel room. Took him a moment. My wife, on the other hand, just rolled her eyes.

Have to admit it was weird seeing that name on stores all over.

....That is odd....Would be like seeing Bombers' (in Britain they'd probably run and stay away from that one)...or Cats' ( pet shop handle for sure in the UK)...How about Riders' ( place to buy riding gear) or AlS' (sounds like a greasy spoon restaurant) :lol: We could have all kinds of fun with our club names over there....Sounds like something bobo should/could get on :wink:

Customer:I'm looking for REDBLACKS Sucks !!!!!
Brit Sales clerk : I got a pair right here governor, what size ya need ? 8) :cowboy:

.....good one bobo...Now how about the other clubs...Is it just me or is that I just 'get' your humour....A real old fashioned slapstick guy are you... :thup: