This is fun ! Top 10 Kick Return Touchdowns of 2012

Wow, Hes gona do it again, Unbelievable !! Chris Williams !! :thup:

4 out of 10, Chris Williams, Amazing :rockin:

This was definitely a special year for Williams but it might be difficult for him to replicate this feat in 2013. We still don't know if Jim Daly will be back as ST coordinator. His blocking schemes seemed to work well for Williams. Also I expect other teams to key in on Williams more because of his threat to score. That's probably why his TD production did drop a bit in the second half of the season. We'll have to see if Austin and staff will recognize how to use Williams to the best of his potential.

Based on comments made by Tommy and the past records of him and Austin I am confident they will. Hope I didn't offend anyone by saying I have confidence.

Anyone who wears the pants you have must be confident :wink

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Rightly so Krisiun. CW had a wonderful 2011 and improved in 2012. Who is to say what will happen in 2013? I don't know, of course, but if the curve continues on its upward trajectory, the sky is literally the limit...

Time will tell. :rockin:

We found Thigpen, then Williams. There are probably more out there too!

Found them both in Saskatchewan, if I recall. When the Riders cut Thigpen, we snapped him up immediately. (Would have had him this past year too if we had waited a few days.) And CW was the neg list player included in the Rodriguez trade a couple of years ago.

Anyone know if Saskatchewan's looking at any other amazing players we could grab? :slight_smile:

I dont remember them doing anything in Sask. :?

Unless your team is planning to catapult Chris Williams into sub-lunar orbit, no, the sky is not literally the limit.

They didn't. My comments were mostly tongue-in-cheek. But Thigpen was on Saskatchewan's active roster at the end of the 2009 season - not sure if he ever dressed for a game - before being cut in training camp the following year. And Williams didn't even make it off the neg list before being traded to Hamilton. (Prechae for CW? In the words of Lt. John Dunbar in Dances With Wolves, "Good trade.")

The worst thing you can do is feed a troll, so I hope you die of starvation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Troll? Not at all. You used the word "literally" incorrectly; that's all. No need to get your knickers in a bunch.

d&p, you are getting with literally/figuratively almost as bad as I am with then/than.

But I'm with you.

Go here:

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:lol: Nice!

It would be a loss to the team if Daly is not a part of the rebuild