This is disturbing

Taken from the CHML website.

Stadium issue results in death threat CHML 8/13/2010

Hamilton Police are investigating a death threat against Mayor Eisenberger.

Sergaent Teri-Lynn Collings isn't saying when the threat was made, but she confirms that they are looking into it.

The threat was made in regards to the ongoing stadium standoff between the city and the Tiger Cats.

This is crazy.

People need to relax


I'm going to laugh if Fred pulled a Geraldo and made it up :stuck_out_tongue:

the Mayor should be more mature as a politician---death threats in politics come with the territory these day. His flippant response to the 'threat" reminds me of the man who cries wolf so often that he is overjoyed to see one.. albeit at the zoo...Golly Andy and Aunt Bee... Look at me....Im playing in the real game of politics.
Of course.. assuming the threat had any substance and wasnt just the wild rant of a deranged caller to the Mayors office....
let us just ponder for a moment

Freddy the 13th received one threat from those opposed to his machinations against the West Mountain site

how many threats do you think he would have faced had he opposed the North Hamilton site..? :wink:

just trying to bring the elephant out of the shadows and into the room... mind you...

While I’m no Fred fan, that is despicable albeit I’m sure politicians have had death threats for all sorts of reasons. Very sad actually.

Earl: Yes. Despicable and sad .
Just like the imbecile who posted something on this forum a day or so ago about bombing city hall ....or something like that.

There where Threats On Facebook

This is emotional enough to make grown men cry. Combine this with the fact, like everywhere, we have some amonst us who are a little less stable than others. Threats to fred had to be expected, and the cops need to take it seriously.

We all need to remember; fred is too small to be worth it. His reign will end at the polls, and the Cats will be set up, have faith.

It may be 3rd and long, but I sense a game saving Hail Mary.

The only death threats I would sanction would be against the Taliban . Beyond that, death threats
are completely insane. :thdn:

While I certainly don't condone this, I wondered if an obsessed fan of this team would threaten to kill Fred Eisenberger.

The idea of riots in Hamilton over this was also suggested, as you can see here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=57093#p975879

Although it is disturbing, this could be an attempt to demoralize Bob Young supporters, hearing the filth people were spewing at city hall from WH supporters nothing would surprise me at this point.

I guess you have the blinders on. The hatred being spewed is on both sides and even more so for the Bob Young choir. Just listen to CHML where all the retards seem to be congregating. Anyone against the EM is put on hold until they hang up.

I'll bet it really makes your day to see an exact reversal of what you describe in the Spectator. :smiley:

Well I guess the censorship is going both ways, during the spec's live chat of the council vote ALL comments were pro WH, I myself posted a pro EM comment and it was never posted.