This is cool..

wow, how can you tell this website is an eastern dominated one?

look at how many posts go into the Ti-Cats forum compared to the others...

good job! Hamilton Fans!!

we love our team.

thats because this is also the official ticat site while the other teams have their own sites. Personally, I think it is dumb that the two are joined. Too many ticat posters dont even seem to realize the situation and keep duplicating topics that are already in the cfltalk forum. No biggie tho.

It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil my friend.

The point is, other teams fans are posting just as much on their own sites and the CFL talk forum here is well represented by all teams. Which means that the other team forums here not being as busy as this ticats one really means nothing at all. No offense intended, just fact. Personally, I like it here.

I've browsed several times but never made an entry. I find that this site is time consuming enough.

Of those of uou who use both sites, could you tell me which one you prefer?

this is You just use a different door to get here.