This is ANY teams season!

When you look at the game results so far in the CFL this year all the teams are playing up and down ball. Even the 4-0 Lions..

With both how good and bad most of the teams have been this year it could be any teams year to win the cup.

Hamilton could do it! But I will only say could as I don't want to jinx them. :slight_smile:

Remember people.. we came so close to beating BC and would have beaten them if not for penalties and stupid refs.

Home and home, back-to-back victories over Winnipeg and the Cats are right back in this!

First 2 games of 2007, the Cats weren't in.
Third and fourth games were close losses.
I believe the next 2 games will be victories (one close and the other a little more comfortable back in Hamilton).

If I'm right, that should put them in third and closing in on both Winnipeg and Toronto at that time!

And given the composition of this team (new, young players with tremendous potential upside), they WILL continuously get better relative the rest of the league as the season progresses. Things are definitely looking up!

You should be afraid, very afraid. I was thinking exactly the same thing.