This is a team

Yes ladies and gentlemen of Tiger- Town, we finally have a team. Your probably saying to yourself, "we've always had a team", but never before like this. In years past, we have thrown money and faith into super stars who have turned out to be super busts. However, your 2009 edition of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is just a solid group of guys who are willing to play hard and together on every down. There are no super stars, just solid guys who go out there and do their job to a level we can be satisfied with. No more putting the entire team on one guys shoulders, the load is now evenly distributed. Say hello to the first "Team" the city of Hamilton has had in a half decade.


What superstars are you referring to?

I think everyone should take a deep breath.

Optimism? Absolutely.

Ready to anoint this team as Grey Cup bound?


The boys all work hard and are well-coached. That part is obvious. I'm sure we're in for more than 3 wins :smiley: , but I still hope that we see better things as the season progresses.

Two thumbs up so far. :thup: :thup:

I think what has had the most substantial impact on these two wins is play of the two lines.

It all starts there on both O and D.

I did not say we were grey cup bound at all. And Kirk, those so called "superstars" I was referring to were guys in the last 5 years who were supposed to come in here and be saviors, Jason Maas, Casey Printers, Terry Vaughn,etc.

Maybe I should use a different term, this is a Hamilton type football team. It is a group of guys who are willing to work hard and together play in and play out. There is no one player we lean on, the weight of the team is evenly distributed. IMO Darrell Adams represents what the city of Hamilton is all about. He doesn't make the big plays, but he's in there every down fighting, giving 110%. He just goes to work.


I wouldn't classify any of those players as superstars.

I wouldnt say we are Cup Bound....but great to see a "smack mouth" defence and an offense that executes and/or moves the ball and gets first downs. And dont forget the special teams have been way better this year.

I agree with every word of this.

WPG offence did not get a TD this game but LeFors completing just a little more than a third of his passes was a reason for that. LeFors helped the Ticat D in looking good.

Still, the offence deserves credit. The receivers do in particular. Getting as many receiving yards as we did was an accomplishment.

We are only three games into the season. We may have won two of those three, but the last win was against a team that's not expected to do well this year. It's a long season ahead, one where I expect more than three wins, and one where I can see the EDSF game being at IWS. But let's not get too excited now.

I'm still not sold on the D.

They gave up alot of yaradge in BC, and Winnipeg, so far, looks inept on offense.

Next week in Montreal will be the real test.

Your right but they are coming together as a team and it been a blast so far and I think we have our best season in the past 5 this yr. These guys are mostly young and can be a hell of a future team.

I have been watching this team for years.......and since 2002, I haven't had a feeling about the Tiger-Cats like I do now.

Guys like Stalla, Floyd and Glenn bring veteran experience. Rodrigez (sp?), Davis, Cobb seem so confident right now........I love Floyd's attitude! This team is really coming together.

Will they win a Grey Cup this year? I wouldn't say that at this point, but I will say that I expect we are going to make the playoffs....and I think that this team believes in themselves.......and are finding ways to win when things get tough.......not finding a way to give the game away like in the last half a dozen years.

I really get a good feeling about this team!

Winnipeg was not a pushover......nor was B.C........I think that if we go in next week and play Montreal tough and find a way to win, that the sky is the limit for this year's version of the Tiger-Cats.

I agree and I have been watching how this team is getting better and sharper every game. Counting your chickens before they hatch is always bad. Hoping your chickens eggs turn out to be good chickens is not! :wink:

This years team reminds me a lot of the '72 and '86 teams....

I agree with a lot of what you are saying here, it's like every player on this team matters this year. No more superstar saviors, just a tough playing football team for once. About time.