This is a Perfect Time to Expand Mosaic Stadium

Well the time couldn't be better to get public support and a little gov't money to boost the sitting capacity at Taylor Field to 32,000 seats. The sooner an effort is made the easier it will be to get the funds needed. :smiley:

32000? That is a lot IMO.

It only an additional 3,200 seats. It is hardly worth doing an expansion for anything less.

All they have to do is upgrade the seats they currently have available. Im not opposed to them adding seats, but I see no point in putting in more crappy endzone seats.

If they can keep the 28,800 or maybe up it a little bit but make them BETTER seats, they can charge more while keeping the demand high for tickets.

Endzone seats in Regina are bleachers like those under the jumbotron at Commonwealth IIRC?

If so, I can see where changing those out would be great for the fans who sit there.

If they don't get it done now, we should ask Brad Wall to do it right before the next election...

Its a good idea have atleast a 30,000 seat Stadium. Now is the time.

I'm not really sure what the bleachers are like under the jumbotron at Commonwealth. The endzone seats at Mosaic are elevated but they are still offer poor sightlines.

Im not really sure how they would go about improving those, but there's not really any point in adding more like them.

In our case, its rows of your basic bench - hard orange plastic, no back, no sides, and at least when I used to sit in those (there were and are still some of them by the old south end score clock and the vehicle entranceway as well)as a kid, not the most comfortable.

A new stadium please Regina.

A new stadium will never come, nor should it. (well for the immediate future that is)

Well it seems the new field turf paid off. But expansion of the stadium might be a good idea after the success of this year.

This year and especially the semi final, which it was said how the team could have easily sold 40,000-50,000 tickets.
Think of the revenue.
The city and team should move on a stadium while the going is good.

Agreed Argotom. Strike while the iron is hot =D