This irks me ...

In a year where sound relations between the team and the fans is paramount why is it that we have not posted any updated pics of our team on the website?

We rely on other teams websites to provide us with images of players we have acquired.

I’m somewhat certain that any new players to the team have a “ghost” image attached to their name … their is nothing fresh for the new season.

I’m also certain that player images were taken weeks ago for the TSN brodcasts and internal team use.

I expect so much more from Bob Young et al where marketing their brand(s) is their forte.

This may seem petty to some but I enjoy putting faces to names … why is it that other teams in the league are “current” with player information while we come across as being less than professional?

speaking of a ghost where is bakari grant havent heard of him all camp???

I agree with the observations of both diesel27 and ticatbill here and hope we might get some more comments -- perhaps from Mr. Young on the ghosts and anyone who's attended a few practices on #84, who was not listed on either pre-season depth charts.

The Ti-Cat marketing people have always been slow in adding new picture of players, Sask is one of the best as soon as a player is signed not only do you see his picture but also in a Rough Riders Jersey and guy hasn't even played a game for the team yet?

No doubt this is just another area that needs to change, Ti-Cats used to be slow at updating coaches pictures but I see they have that in line now. The other thing is if you go on Google and search Tiger Cats look at the right side it comes up the following?

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (An American Football Team)
Head Coach George Cortez???
The only thing they got right was the mascots names TC and Stipes??

Not sure you can really blame the team for Google's errors. Hard to say where or when Google retrieved that information, or how often they update it. They do have a Feedback link where you can report incorrect information to them. No idea what they do with those reports, though, or how quickly they address them.

But yes, to the original point of this thread, I also think the team should try to get pictures of new players up right away. Even pictures in their previous team's uniform would be better that the witness protection program outline they have currently, at least until they get the player in town for an updated picture in Black and Gold.

Looks like someone paid heed to my request ... thank you.