This has got to stop

This releasing players before their off season bonuses are due is an absolute joke.

It has been said before but these contracts might as
well be written on toilet paper.

I love the CFL and have never said it looks bush league but I am now



Who's BC's GM right now?

And yet coaches get guaranteed contracts


The contract is guaranteed
It says would have been due an offseason bonus

I am torn on this personally
On one hand majority of CFL stars do not want long term contracts so they can test waters elsewhere south of the border)
I do not think it is as bad as outright release simply to not pay an all star a bonus


This is a major obstacle to enticing american players to play in the cfl and on.the flip side is also a big reason some.will play here for a year

On.the postivie a player's.who had a stellar year can freely opt out or be released to pursue nfl opportunities

On.the negative side teams can cut players at will nullifying contracts and no cap hits

Bonuses should be payable if thr player is.on.the active roster in trade dead line day.

If a team wants to cut them to avoid bonuses make.them do it whe other teams can then pick.them up


It is that bad and unfortunately a common practice league wide


Unfortunately even that doesn’t always help.
Another sorry practice is teams will wait till the end of training camps then threaten to cut a player under contact unless he agrees to a pay cut. Unfortunately for the player most other teams have solidified their own rosters by then and have salary cap issues, so the player is taking a chance by refusing and sitting out a number of weeks (if not longer) until another team picks him up.
Sadly it’s the fan who suffers most in that transaction, but who cares about them anyway…
A great/horrible example of that is Henoc Muamba who has gone through this crap multiple times. The guy is a great player; Canadian to boot, and yet he has spend large chunks of time unemployed because he refuses to take pay cuts under these practices.
Meanwhile, there’s coaches who got paid exponentially more NOT to coach in the league. Again, it’s us fans who get hurt the most because of this, but who cares about such trivial items like fan support in Canada, when there’s that “growing” fan base in Norway to worry about


By releaseing him so early he is now a (prized) free agent to sign with any CFL team before much of their cap has been spent.

Maybe another team will sign him and offer a $6Ok signing bonus
They could be doing him a solid favour releaseing him so early
I wouldn't doubt his agents phone is ringing off the hook right now


It is still a dirty deed no matter how you slice it

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Doesn't this bonus situation actually work towards the player's benefit? I suspect it is negotiated as part of their contract signing...if the team opts not to pay the bonus, then the player is released BEFORE FA and he is free to look elsewhere. If the team DOES pick up the bonus, then I'm thinking that gives the player a certain amount of confidence that the team intends on keeping him around the following year as they'd be out that $$$ if they cut the player following/during training camp.


Every CFL Agent knows when a signing bonus is due the day after Free Agent frenzy day, this could happen
Releaseing him 6 weeks early isn't the most horrible thing
Releaseing him a few days before would be a dirty deed


Football players, golfers (at least until recently), tennis players and a few other athletes get paid only if they play well for the most part. Baseball and basketball and hockey players get fat contracts they often never earn or perform to the level of.

There have been past threads on this topic so I won’t rehash them or go into detail or repeat other than to say that there are many athletes that never earn their contracts and I have yet to see one offer to voluntarily take a pay cut because they suck. Both management and players suffer abuses and in North America with guaranteed contracts management suffers plenty. Look at any salary capped team at the max with several underperforming players they can’t get rid of killing the chances of the entire team and the hopes of the fan base. Six of one half a dozen of the other. I don’t see what BC did with Purifoy as horrific or unfair.

I see nothing wrong with the novel approach that an employee must earn their pay. In fact that is what I and many others must do. Would love a guaranteed contract in my name. Not going to happen. No entitlement for me. Too old school I guess. I don’t see why athletes should be any different than most of the rest of the population. They can and should be fired when appropriate and should not be guaranteed a job or a paycheque in my opinion.

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After all; if it really is that prevelant the question falls on why player accepted the terms

There is more to it than what is being said in OP article
Otherwise player would not agree to it, union would be screaming over it, and in modern day social media would be abuzz as player airs the dirty laundry

There is a reason it is an option, I just fail to see it
Others have postulated easier movement which may be a factor


Maybe "IT" is because of his mascot

this isn’t just an CFL thing

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Purifoy was awesome in years past and still is a decent player, but is on the downside of his career and was done with the Lions, since they have other options. i saw him miss plenty of tackles this year - Kadeem Carey and the Stamps’ receivers in particular made him look like an average arm tackler.

also, i blame a some of this on the salary cap situation.

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Some good conversation on this.

I guess my real point is why even say player is signed to a contract to begin with. Contract to me says it is seen through to the end by both parties

I have never seen a player suddenly decide “ I don’t like the direction this team is going. I am outta here” and remove himself from a contract free and clear

Just seems bizarre to me.


Lets say your boss promised you a bonus of 80 grand... But fired your ass 6 weeks before the due date.... Of course you would see it for what it is ...a dirty deed...


keep in mind CFL players are essentially contract workers, not employees. hence the CFLPA. i’m sure there would be grievances all over if this wasn’t standard accepted practice when signing these contracts in the first place.

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So they should pay him $30K and then let him go, so he could sign with another team and get another signing bonus?
And the $30K would come off his previous teamates cap

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