This has got to be the biggest beating??

This Game has to be the Biggest Beating of any team in awhile in the CFL preseason or not, I mean this is were your young guns are supposed to shine and Winnipeg look like CRAP?

Are you kidding me 51 to 0 gee maybe we should play all our games in Guelph??

Eat Em Raw Cats, Lets Pack the Rogers Centre with Black & Gold Fans it's time to Kick some Toronto Argo-Snots!!!

It's an impressive start but thrashing somebody in pre-season is not always indicative of how the season will go. I forgot the scores but Cats won handily against Winnipeg in a 2010 pre-season game and in 2011 they destroyed Montreal with 50+ points at Ivor Wynne. We all know how those seasons ended up.

Relax everybody.

The Tiger-cats mostly used their starters to get them in tune for the season.

The Bombers did not. They are largely playing their marginal players to see who they will cut.

The score means virtually nothing.

Did people here not read Drew's article about this?

Burris played, Pierce did not even make the trip.

In fact the Tiger-Cats dressed 23 more players than the Bombers did. They letf most of their starters at home.

I'm predicting a 17 - 3 this year, if CW returns then 20 - 0 !!

Some Cat Fans need to see the light, Yeah okay fine it's preseason, it's like Tim Burke said we came here to play the Cats, play our young guys and will probably get blown out? Well he did, and as one player so smartly put it, no matter if they are rookies or vets they are all professional players. The big difference this year is not since the days of Ron Lancaster as Coach do the Tiger-Cats have a great Coach in the making in Kent Austin and his crew of coaches in Orlando Stienauer, Riennbold, Ozzy, McPhee and so on are all pro's at coaching and their leadership I predict will guide this team to Winning Season, regardless of what some fans think, Stop living in the Past, grow a pair and live in the present!!


Although the Cats were full value for a great win last night, I wouldn't put too much into it.
As already mentioned, Winnipeg showed up with only 41 players, most of whom were 1st or 2nd year
people. These guys were lined up against our best making the outcome pretty obvious.

On the brighter side, some of our new people really stood out; particularly Lamar, Brown, Ellingston
and Volcy. Volcy is making some mistakes on the field thaanticipation and t are correctable by the coaches.
He needs to learn to run north and south and he will.

All in all, there were many good reasons to leave Alumni Stadium with a certain degree of anticipation and hope
for a better season. The Defense looks much improved over last year's fiasco, while the Offensive line still
needs some grooming.

It will happen!

Yes we did use many of our starters at first. Yes they use their rookies. Last week MTL used several of their starters and we used our rookies and we still beat them. I am not saying to plan the parade route yet, but I am saying I have some reason to be optimistic especially on defense. Most of the damage was done by rookies and that makes me happy. Brown and Harris were all over the place. Lamar looked really good on PR. Can't wait to see what we can do against the blue jerks next week.

Even though it was pre-season, I loved seeing all our guys step up. What I was most impressed by was the communication on defense. Lots of "heads-up" playing and even when we were up by so many points the kids never let up. Several with the killer instinct we seem to have been missing

I think you are underestimating this group.
If CW comes back they will go 21 and -1

I will agree, this is a preseason game, we aren't planning the parade route yet. However, one thing I will note, many of our starters did not play the entire second half.

I'll give you that our rookies were fresh going into the second half, and certainly in a better mental state then Winnipeg. However, I have little doubt Burke's halftime speach was to the effect "We're down, not out, if you want a job on this team, now is the time to show your character, step up and turn this game around." so I don't doubt they were hungry.

However, 17 unanswered points after the half against comprable players isn't acceptable for any team. Not being able to capitalize on a singe touchdown chance, or to even get into field goal distance for an entire half is brutal.

Congrats to the Cats. Looking forward to a solid season. Havent seen the guys play yet but if they can get a front line to protect Burris this team should be a very good team. I think they will be very capable of the big plays to put us over the top. Also lets hope the secondary has improved over last yr. Lets Go Cats. :rockin: