This guy Ricky Ray is pretty good

Ricky Ray just showed AGAIN that he is a difference maker in this League. Throws the ball where only the receiver can catch it 99% of the time.
Only eight incompletions in which two were knock downs.

Would have liked to see Fajardo in there at list in the last 5 minutes, but that seems to be Trestman's way. Play for the moment.

He is #2 behind Mike Reilly; RR has great down field vision and a wonderful touch to pick the corner of the end zone. I am not sure why so many are down on him; I thought the ED/A game was great and RR played great also.

He will be in the Hall of Fame and will probably be a coach later on like Dickenson.

His arm isn't what it used to be but he still has that "Location Location" with most of his passes. Just like Estrada with the Blue Jays.

Just wish Ray had better quality receivers to throw to.

I have said last year and the year before he was done.
He proved me 100% wrong with his awesome start in the beginning of the season.
Since then he has come down to earth a bit.
Nevertheless he is getting older and the team has to build for the future and sign a first string QB next year.
James Franklin is everyones pick to be the hottest FA at the end of the year and we should do everything to sign him.

Ray has the softest touch when he has to feather the pass over defenders and into the hands of our receivers. Those types of passes are so difficult and he completes a lot of them. He does throw hard when necessary, but he prefers the long ones.

Great player. Hope he stays healthy.

The difference here is that Ricky has been for the large part of his last few seasons very entrenched and immobile in the pocket.
After getting sacked and tackled throughout the first three quarters, he realized he had to be active even if it's still within the pocket.
It was wonderful to watch actually, I'm not sure if something clicked inside him, but he was driven to get the down and he started moving.
Hopefully he can recall this in upcoming games and we can play dominant football.

Ricky is good especially given that Trestman has the officials in his back pocket and can whine and get calls to go his way. No way Argos deserved the win over TiCats last week. For those of you whom haven’t read the rule onass interference that led Review Booth to over-turn an on field call… here it is. Simply bullshit call!

Article 9 – Interference By Both Teams After A Forward Pass Is Thrown
(b) Should the forward pass be thrown across the line of scrimmage, the following shall apply:
(i) Eligible receivers of both teams have an equal right to the ball and are entitled to the positions they occupy.
(vii) It is pass interference by either team when a player physically contacts an opponent creating separation, redirects, restricts or impedes the opponent in a manner that is visually evident and materially affects the opponent’s opportunity to play the ball. A player who has gained position shall not be considered to have impeded or restricted the opponent in a prohibited manner if all such actions are a bona fide effort to go to and play the ball.

Green should have been tagged with PI not the defender.

Get over it.

If you think trestman has the officials in his pocket, look over his success rate on challenges... I doubt he's even at 50%

Ray is not the player he once was, and I thought he was done after last season, to a degree he's proven me wrong, but I think it's clear that Ray is nearing the end of the road. The Argos need to find the "next one" soon, Collaros will most likely be an FA at season's end and Franklin is a free agent as well, although I think the Riders will nab Franklin.

The Argos do have some young guys with some potential I suppose, Fajardo looks to play an entertaining style, and Prukop looks intriguing. I don't see much or anything in Bethel Thompson or Matthews. The only thing a know about the new PR QBWenning, is that he's a pocket QB, which Trestman seems to love.

Congrats Ricky Ray in reaching 60,000 yds passing. Very elite company. Nice they close out 1st place

Kind of looks like Bethel-Thompson has moved up to the #1 back up going by the game day charts. Fajardo doing the 1 yard plunges and holding for Hajrullahu. Bethel throws a nice ball (in warm ups) and has been around for awhile at age 29, but it would be nice to see him get some playing time in BC.

Ray for MOP
Wilder for Rookie of the year
Trestman for Coach of the year.
Mcewan for Linemen of the year

Ray and McEwen will lose to Reilly and Bryant. Wilder will win rookie, Trestman should win coach of the year but I'm not sure he will.

This club made some big improvements over the Milanovich-coached teams of the last couple seasons.

Laing, Butler and Lemon have been a force when all in the lineup at the same time.

More consistency on offense week in and week out will hopefully bring 12 or more wins next year.

I think if we make it to the GC and then win or lose betting is Ray will retire.

As long as Ricky is healthy I think he will re-sign a 1 + 1 deal. Wilder has another year on his contract and the offensive line has solidified somewhat with Washington in at RG, and all of a sudden Ricky is not getting hit very often.
No reason to hang them up just yet.

I hope RR plays for as long as he wants to and remains healthy. One of the most talented, classiest and nicest pro athletes out there, bar none.

Love that he's having such a great season.

Ha! Still has it eh, marched the field in final minutes to pull it off...OUTSTANDING! :slight_smile:

Today's the day...17th Grey Cup Championship