This guy is better than both these 2 qb's put together

Anybody off the street can create a podcast, so take this for however you want. Anyway on this low-quality podcast, one of the regulars is a guy named Mike who supposedly is a player agent. Mike stated that Dominique Davis will win the Bomber's qb job in training camp. He also said that Davis is better than Drew Willy & Matt Nichols put together.

It would be awesome if this guy knows what he is talking about. It would be just as awesome if this guy Mike is completely wrong.

......Davis has a lot to prove.....he better get started :wink:

If there was an open competition for the job, maybe. But the reality of the situation is that given what Drew Willy has been able to do over the last couple of seasons all but guarantees him the starting job behind centre in game 1 of the regular season. Dominique Davis has yet to accomplish much in his career and while anyone can argue he may be more skillful, he'll have a tall order to beat out Willy. Only way I can see that happening is if Willy gets hurt in camp or a preseason game and there's an open competition between Davis and Nichols. He would have a hard time displacing Nichols as the number 2 guy right now.

I think he is going to be great in this league. But when reading the story on him and he was released. They had 4 qb;s going into camp and on it was Mathews of the ticats. Intersing.

....Davis is turning a few heads right now at the mini camp.. Strong arm and accurate passing....There's no D on the field BUT if he can do the same under fire, we may be on to something :roll:

Depth can be a wonderful thing. Nichols I think signed a one year deal to return. Davis starts out #3 this year most likely but if he has the skills, I think they put in some packages for him on short yardage and red zone, move him up to #2 next year. Unless Willy gets hurt again and Nichols flunks as a starter replacing him that is. The 4th guy Bennett could also be a keeper as a bit more of a project but some versatility in other roles like Lynch in Edmonton. The one nice thing about the 4 QBs coming out of the minicamp was that they can throw the ball. We've been hearing for years about QBs coming in that they can "make all the throws" and they fail because they aren't able to do so on a CFL sized field or are missing some of the other tools like the necessary velocity or accuracy. Sounds like we've finally found a few multi-tool CFL QBs.

Davis looked pretty good tonight. Very good. Nichols could be vulnerable at number 2.

I have always found that when Nichols is in ( I watched a lot of him in Edmonton too) that the play just slows down. I'm not really a fan of his...serviceable but without any spark.

I liked what I saw with that Bennett kid.

Davis looked really sharp. Bennett struggled on his first series but only got better from there and showed nice touch on the TD pass to Williams. I'm not sure Nichols will be cut as a result since he's on a 1 yr deal and he was evidently 3-3 in his short stint, but even if Nichols stays this year it's becoming clearer that Davis will likely be #2 no later than next season.

Yeah i don't expect Nichols to be cut this year by any means. I think he opens as #2. Davis #3
But if Willy does go down..Nichols needs to perform well or there will be a great push to get Davis in there. And then he may never leave. Mind's just a preseason game, I know.

....I really liked what Bennett brought in the ALS. game...Give this guy more playing time and there's going to be a real fight for the back-up spot next year IF and when Nichols leaves... :wink:

J'ai bien aimé le jeu de Davis aussi. Mais il ne faut pas trop se fier aux performances d'un quart-arrière recrue en match préparatoire. Bridge et Cato avaient très bien fait l'an dernier, mais leur méconnaissance du football canadien les a vite rattrapés en début de saison. Vaut mieux pouvoir initier Davis progressivement.